Another Pointless Eve Blog??? WHY CORELIN WHY!

First a bit about me.  I’m a veteran of many Muhmorpuguhs.  City of Heroes, Champions, WoW, Lotro, STO, DCUO, and of course EvE.  So I ask myself what I like about EvE.  Then being the rather anal-retentive accounting major I am I made a list.

  1. EvE has consequences.  In most mumorpuguhs you die it takes a few seconds to get back to where you were and the death penalty is a SLIGHT cash penalty to fix your gear.  In EvE if you mess up and lose a ship it is gone.  If there’s anything in the wreckage the odds are good the people who killed you now have it.  Possibly including your corpse.  The sickos.
  2. EvE rewards planning, knowledge and intelligence over endless grinding and ridiculous min-maxing.  I’ve seen players with mere weeks in game take on and defeat people with playing time and experience orders of magnitude greater and I’ve been on both sides of the coin.  Information about EvE is available from many sources and arming yourself with a bit of knowledge and using it intelligently will tend to beat slavishly scouring forums searching for the perfect loadout for your deathboat 30,000 (note I do tend to fly the perfectly loaded deathboat 30,000 but thats because I’m an anal-retentive accounting major… see above)
  3. The community is fantastic.  Seriously.  There’s no manual for eve.  The tutorial, although its a few thousand times better than it used to be is still a steaming pile of impossible to understand crap.  At best if you get a lot of help from people in the noob channels you will understand a few of the real basic fundamentals.  If you go up against some serious players or the tougher PVE it would be the equivalent of telling you which end of a baseball bat to hold then throwing you up against Roy Halladay and telling him what you said about his mom yesterday.  The eve community has responded with several excellent guides especially including the brand spanking new ISK3.0  ( get it now beat the rush) There’s also several news sites (Eve-tribune, now making a comeback, eve24, the up and comer) and some blogs that offer an analysis of everything from 1 on 1 pvp to the byzantine politics of Null Security Empires.  Then there’s the tools.  Eve-HQ (love it) Evemon and evefit (classics) the late, lamented capsuleer and the still rolling iClone.
  4. Good pvp.  I always tell myself every loss is avoidable, and so far I’ve been right.  I can usually go through the course of a fight and tell you RIGHT where I messed up.  It really is skill against skill and the best part is its measurable.  You can check on the killboards and find out where everyone stacks up against each other.
  5. There’s always more to do.  Try mining.  Don’t like it?  Try missions.  Don’t like it?  Try R&D, don’t like it?  Try manufacturing.  Don’t like it?  Try griefing.  Don’t like it?  Try ganking.  Don’t like it?  Try ninja salvaging.  Don’t like it?  Try piracy.  Don’t like it?  Head to nullsec.  Don’t like it?  Try exploration.  Don’t like it?  Try wormholes.  Don’t like it?  Try Incursions.  Don’t like it?  Try starting an event and getting other players to do stuff.  There’s more.  You get the idea.

So what do I do?  I kill ships.  I’ve tried mining.  It is insanely boring and from an isk/hour standpoint only barely better than slamming your head into the wall.  I’ve done missions.  Its ok.  I’d rather shoot other peoples ships.  So I build stuff, and I take that stuff and sell it, and use that money to fund my own ships to take away your ships.

About Corelin

An Eve playing Fool who occasionally writes about the shenanigans he and his minions get up to.

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