Don’t talk in local

A pretty simple blog today.  Didn’t get much done in eve due to recovering from my 30th Birthday.

Don’t talk in local.  Beyond “gf” (good fight) there is nothing you can say there to materially help your situation and you can easily make your whole life a miserable hell for yourself and your corpmates.  Take our good new friends Galactic-Empires.

Guess when the wardec hit.  We haven’t gotten a single real effort at a fight out of them, although plenty of them still use autopilot to get around.  We only really don’t like the CEO.  Too bad he can’t be bothered to log in and support his guys.  Do I feel bad for them?  Hell yes.  Their CEO has gotten them in a world of shit and failed to do anything to help them.  The people that are left are demoralized and pissed off and they should be.

So don’t cry about the ebbil pyrat who stole your ore can (more on that in a future post) don’t whine about getting suicide ganked because you didn’t pay attention to your D-Scan and local during hulkageddon cry in corp, cry in your pub rooms, but if you want to avoid making a bad day even worse… don’t cry in local.

About Corelin

An Eve playing Fool who occasionally writes about the shenanigans he and his minions get up to.

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