HOW we play

I’ve talked a bit about why I play.  One of the things that rarely gets any attention from eve bloggers is HOW one plays.  Rettic recently had a post about a new mouse he had that allowed him to remap pretty much every routine shiphandling maneuver (align to, warp to, jump/dock, orbit, approach, keep at distance) to his mouse.

I haven’t changed a shortcut on my eve in years.  I have been using the system defaults for so long I was actually surprised you could change anything, let alone the cornucopia of things you can actually change.  I did something similar to what Rettic had, with the changes on the last row.  I decided to set up broadcasts for fleet ops on the very bottom row.  Now I have to practice using the new control scheme, I got a kill using it last night.  The only thing I had to do the “old fashioned” way was clicking my lasers and undocking.  Everything else I command-clicked with my mouse from warping to a gate, hopping through, approaching and locking the target and missing his pod… stupid overeager friends.

So my challenge to you dear reader is to hit esc when you log in tonight, look at how the keys are mapped and think if thats REALLY the way you want to do it.  Want to go ironman?  Clear all the shortkeys and do them from scratch.  Its really fun when you realize you can shortcut all the drone commands.  And broadcasts… and things you can do with targets…

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