Alliances Cause Stupidity in Lab Rats.

One thing I have noticed fairly consistently is that when I join an Alliance, my pvp play goes to hell for a while.  And I’m not the only one.  I’ve lost Battleships to stupidity, missed out on kills, lost a Tengu in a fight that I shouldn’t even have been in, and seen alliance mates who I *KNOW* are good pilots lose carriers, faction cruisers, and all kinds of nastiness in fights that should have been rollovers.  In my current alliance We’ve had very good experienced pilots lose carriers in a wormhole.  So what causes these slipups?

Well I think its several things.  First off joining an Alliance, or forming one from scratch gives you a feeling of accomplishment, like you’ve arrived.  This feeling combines with another big one, that of being confident that no one can take on YOUR WHOLE ALLIANCE to make you fly ships you normally wouldn’t or to try things that may not be wise.  Like when I decide to go see what kind of fleet some dangerous wartargets have out in my 750 million isk tengu.  That was no fun.

Alliances also put you in new situations.  Inhabiting a wormhole and having carriers for defense is great.  Makes a class 2 nigh impregnable if you can support them.  However you end up with people who have never flown capships before and aren’t sure how to fit or use them flying them.  This resulted in two of my alliance mates warping badly fitted carriers onto a WH, getting tackled, neuted and eventually popped.

Finally there’s a more “mechanical” reason that being in an alliance causes problems for people.  The addition of new chat windows, voice channels, notification systems of a truly bewildering variety, and maps of jump bridges for folks in nullsec add many distractions to people, which often causes people to miss an event that they would otherwise notice, a non-blue in local or a wartarget.  These distractions can also lead to people making mistakes and heading to places they shouldn’t be, or not leaving places they should due to missed and misinterpreted intel.

About Corelin

An Eve playing Fool who occasionally writes about the shenanigans he and his minions get up to.

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