Things you should know about – Empire Wars edition

Locator Agents: If someone knows your name they can use mission agents to locate you, what system you are in, whether you are in space or in a station, and what station you are in.  I actually can count the number of people I’ve killed with this.  Look at my killboard and look at miners that are killed with their pods.  Those are wartargets that thought they were safe because they were mining someplace we had never seen them before.

Spys:  You have one.  Get over it.  Use secure communications.  Don’t trust people you can’t go to and physically lay hands on.

Fittings: Look up some pvp fittings on battleclinic.  You won’t see all those long range guns you use in PvE.  You don’t see too many active tanks either.  You DEFINITELY don’t see double or triple tanks.

Effective fittings include several things:

  • A simple tank, for example armor buffer,active shield, whatever.  Rule of thumb, Buffer > Regen > Active.  Active is subject to neuting, regen can be overwhelmed, buffer gives you a good chance to overwhelm the bad guys and win before you get blowed up.
  • Mids should include the holy trinity:  Point, Web  and Speed mod.  Point is a warp scrambler or disruptor, and keeps them from warping off.  Web keeps them from running away, and Speed Mod allows you to dictate the range of the fight.
  • Damage.  Short range guns (or missiles) and guns of the right size (with a VERY few exceptions) and stick to guns you get a bonus for OR Autocannons (ACs don’t use cap, track well and have decent range) Examples of ships that you see with autocannons even though they are not bonused for that ship are Myrmidons and Vexors, Prophecies, Punishers and Scimitars see them too.
  • Fittings.  USE YOUR BONUSES!  Got a bonus to resists?  You should probably fit a solid tank to make your ship even tougher.  Bonus to rate of fire?  Use those guns.  Bonus to drones?  T2 drones are win.  If you don’t know what your bonuses are just check the ship information.  Its right there.

Autopilot: Slow Death

Saving your pod: If you are losing your ship, select something on your overview and start spamming warp.  This will get your pod away as they take forever to lock.  Losing a pod in hisec is fail.  Also important, when your ship blows up you are hit with a session change timer.  That means that for 30 seconds you cannot dock, use a jump gate, or in any way leave space in the system you are in… except by getting your pod blown up.  Don’t use that method.  Warp to a moon, warp to the sun, warp to a station far enough away that you can dock as soon as you hit it.

Neutral alts: Scouts, Remote rep, bumps.  Whatever they are there.

Neutral Remote Repairs:  They happen.  Instead of complaining about it why not call in your own friends?  Or do you not have any.

Crying in local: It gets you killed.  Seriously why are you doing it?

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An Eve playing Fool who occasionally writes about the shenanigans he and his minions get up to.

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