When I started EvE one of my friends gave me 5 million isk.  It took me almost two months to get in a position to pay him back.  When I had the money he said he didn’t want it, it just wasn’t that much to him.  I was floored by his selflessness.  I just could not understand why someone would give away SO MUCH MONEY.

Last night we were bashing a POS in a wormhole.  I hate POS bashes.  I haven’t participated in post dominion sov warfare, but I’ve heard its just POS warfare on a huge scale.  In a wormhole you have the added problem that its hard logistically to get more people in.  We had a couple of folks that wanted to join, they had 30+ jumps including some lowsec.  The whole assault took about 7 or 8 hours and by the end all our US TZ guys were gassed and the aussies were hammered.  To speed things up we managed to refit all the BS to be cap stable so our logistics guys could go get BS and add even more damage.  I ended up assembling this monstrosity

[Armageddon, POS KILLAH]
7x Mega Pulse Laser II (Gamma L)

2x Cap Recharger II

Tracking Computer II (Optimal Range)

4x Heat Sink II

2x Capacitor Power Relay II

2x Tracking Enhancer II

5x Curator II

I then went AFK with the headset unplugged and the speakers up and took a nap.  It finally went reinforced around 4 AM local time.
I went to sleep, in a wormhole, while shooting at someone’s POS, sitting in a battleship that cost around 100m isk, and had 0 tank and 0 pvp mods.  When I think of how much that 5 million meant to me, and how I casually throw around 100m isk on a pretty risky move, sometimes I wonder just how good it is to be this jaded.  Then I look at all my fun flashy ships and forget about such nonsense.

About Corelin

An Eve playing Fool who occasionally writes about the shenanigans he and his minions get up to.

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  1. /me wishes he was jaded. Just stumbled over after Rixx’s link. Good reads, keep it up.

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