Money Makes the World go ‘Round

First Off:  Thanks Rixx for the link!  My viewership EXPLODED today while I was in school!

On to Substance: What is your time worth to you?

Everything in EvE has a cost.  Sitting in station picking out fittings for your new BC, mining, station spinning, POS Bashing, PvP Roams etc has a “hidden cost,”  That is, the USAGE OF YOUR TIME SHOULD BE CONSIDERED IN ANY ACTION YOU DO.

For example Imagine you and 9 of your buddies do a POS bash in a wormhole.  The ten of you spend 6 hours in battleships pewing a POS.  It goes into reinforced, you leave, come back, spend another 4 finishing it off, looting it GTFOing.  Total time, 10 hours, with 10 people thats 100 man hours.  So lets look at the benefit you have gained.

POS loot.  Can be anywhere from a few hundred million to billions.  Lets assume your targets managed to get out a good chunk of it so you are splitting 2 billion split up between some modules, some ships, a couple BPs and some sleeper loot they didn’t have time to evac.

Satisfaction that you have deprived your enemy of their Assets. – Schadenfreude is priceless.

Assuming you split things evenly, and assuming that there were no costs for you guys to replace between you and eveything goes to the victors.

So with 2 billion isk, and 100 man hours you made 20,000,000 isk / hour.  Which isn’t too bad.  I don’t think there’s many in EvE that would complain about a 20m isk/hour payoff.

Now lets assume it was only 1 billion.  Now we are looking at 10,000,000 isk/hour not great, you can beat that running L4s, but Schadenfreude is priceless.

Now at 500 million we are down to a measely 5,000,000 isk/hour.  You can beat that mining Veldspar.

Is taking down a POS in a WH an accomplishment worthy of boosting the isk value of the event?  For some folks.  For others its all about the money.  Part of what makes EvE great is that YOU define success and failure for yourself.

For Example

We (Disciples of Crom) considered this a win.  Yeah we got wiped out, most of us podded ourselves back to empire or just hung around until they did it for us.  The Russians could have considered it a win even though they lost on the efficiency because they got more kills, held the field, and added a bunch of corpses to their collection.  But who cares they are Russians.  Commie pigs.

Anyway the POINT here is that you have to consider all aspects of your events when you are in a leadership position.  Any organisation that pulls people into an event where the opportunity cost (missed time pewing, missioning, mining, station spinning, local scamming, whatever) is higher than the payoff of completing the event successfully will fast run out of active members.  Not only that but you have to factor in not only your own evaluations but those of your members.  Now you can post your own calculations so that other people can at least see what led you to make your decisions and that can mollify people who are butt-hurt because they didn’t get their veldspar, but these decisions have to be made rationally, repeatedly calling people out for operations that are a waste of time has killed more corps/alliance than anything else in EvE.

Fly Dangerous, Score Kills.


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