It’s a Trap!


He SHOULD know.

POS timers are great.  Nothing in EvE sets a more predictable fight than a POS reinforcement timer.  Everyone knows when the fight will be.  What will be involved.  Its like the opening of a Chess game… if the board was 4 squares wide and all the pieces pawns.  There’s only so many moves you can do.

Recently my alliance has been helping some friends with a wardec that has led to a wormhole siege.  We went through the predictable opening moves, staging tower, reinforce one of their towers, try to lure out the caps.  Due to poor time zone coverage they reinforced our tower while we were asleep.  With a dread.  In a wormhole too small to squeeze caps in.

So we all log on to vent when the timer counts to zero, logged out at safespots.  For a while the hostiles are simply moving ships from one tower to another.  Then the calls start coming “Scorp Navy Issue, Cerb, Phoenix, and two hounds heading to the tower,”  I log in my Curse and align to our tower.  Apparently all of us logging in at once spooked them, for they started bugging out and fast.  Except the Phoenix who was already in siege mode.  No one was in position to get a warpin so I warped to the POS, which was not bubbled, MWD’d over to the Phoenix and started neuting the crap out of it.  For a moment it looks like his cap is going to hold.  Then, as DPS continues to warp in and do damage and he is forced to use his Shield Booster more and more his cap crumbles, and with it, his tank.  From the time I warped in and started neuting to the time he popped was less than ten minutes.

On an entirely personal note:  I hate Citadel Torps due to the massive blinding explosions and hope they all die in embarrassing fashion.  Very useful ship, Nasty damage.  Annoying graphics.


I brokded it!

Frankly this was more an execution than a kill.  They came it fat and stupid and were lucky they didn’t lose a lot more.  We know they have two Chimeras in the wormhole, and while we have some interlopers from Purple Helmeted Warriors trying to crowd in, there is much treasure and tears to be had!

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