Oh the Times They are a-changin’

As of a little while ago TFHC is no longer a member of Disciples of Crom.  Alliances are tricky in EvE, as I have mentioned before.  I need pew pews and I owe it to the people (person) in my corp to give them the opportunity to enjoy their game experience.

So now I’m in between alliances, trying to decide between throwing out a wardec or three or just waiting on one of a couple alternate alliances to give us the word.  Personally I don’t care much either way, my next two weekends promise to stink on ice, and the other active guy isn’t too busy so most likely we will wait it out.

Changes like this are a good time to set goals, and see where you want to be.  I already know that nullsec is not my cup of tea.  I like gangs big enough to take on most fights, but small enough for individual skill to be a major factor.  One of my proudest moments was a fight in the War of Southern Aggression when our snipe BS fleet (remember those dinosaurs?) got a bad warpin, which, combined with the NCs bad warpin had our two fleets intermixed.  Damage was chaotic as often you couldn’t track on the chosen primary.  I suddenly saw a wave of yellow boxes and immediately aligned myself out on a different vector than my fleet to increase transversal and get out of the bubbles.  I managed to escape in low structure only because I understood the mechanics at work and kept a clear thought process even when targeted by almost 200 people.

90% of the time big fleet fights are warp in, align out, target primary shoot, target secondary, wait a few seconds lather rinse repeat.  Even my slick move didn’t have an appreciable effect on the battle, other than robbing our opponents of a kill and adding to our DPS as I was able to get reps and come back. I want somethign where my own skill adds to a fight, while at the same time having enough friends that I don’t feel like I have to carry the show.

So living in null is out.  Wormholes – I just have this visceral dislike for being in them for long periods of time, hisec wars are way too uncertain a way to get pew pews unless you do something like snatch victory or orphanage.  So i’m gravitating towards lowsec.  In losec, even with its well documented issues, you can find the decent sized gangs, good fights, and an opportunity for far more mobility and very different tactics than you see in WH space or hisec.

Of course success matters.  There are others interested in joining me in this venture, but only for a good group.  If I can land with someone like Rooks & Kings or the Basterds, hey great, I’m sure I’ll have lots of friends, but joining a smaller alliance or a less successful one means that fewer folks would be interested in coming along.

This is the hardest part about setting goals.  Keeping them realistic enough to be achievable in a measurable period of time.  Another factor is that most Americans have an attention span that could be described as short.  Many will bolt at the first sign of anything shiny.  So the goal has to be something good enough to draw attention, and at the same time even long-term goals have to be attainable within your “visible horizon” of your corp-members attention spans.

To give an example.  You have a 10 man corp.  Putting your main goal as being in charge of a 1000 man alliance is a pipe dream, you may want that down the road, but your efforts are better devoted to growing in the short term, not something that will take years to achieve.

Another factor in goal-setting is knowing your limits.  As I’ve discussed, running an alliance is orders of magnitude more difficult than running a corp, even a large corp, due to having to manage more streams of information and more chiefs per indian.  If you are the leader you have all your information 1 step away, in an alliance you may get information from 2nd or 3rd hand sources all of which has to be factored in and information you put out may take a while to percolate down.  I don’t have the time to manage an alliance, I don’t have the time to put in much leadership outside my corp.  I’m not against helping out, its what I do, but I don’t want to see the mission creep where I help out with something once… then a few weeks later I cover for a guy on vacation, then suddenly its my full time job.  I just don’t have the drive or time to contribute on a high level without a big time payoff.

So that leaves me looking to be purely a “member” corp in a low sec pirate alliance, looking for pewpews.

Anyone wanna invite us in?



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