Hot Sweaty Gatecamp Action

So after a few days of moving ships around I finally indulged and took part in the semi-standing gatecamp that Free Worlds Alliance runs.  It is a bit off by my standards but different folks operate different ways.  The most important thing is it generally works.

So I get on voice, head to the gate, in a drake with more tank than I used to use in missions, and HAMs.  For a while nothing happens, or a few frigates come in that I can’t get on cuz I’m too slow.  A Devoter comes through the wrong way, we chase it through, pounce on it and kill it quickly.  More nothing… more nothing… tiny Exeq… nothing… nothing… Raven comes in the back way, we get over to that gate just as he bounces through.

He immediately starts burning back to the gate, our bumpers miss or don’t slow him, just as he hits 5km to the gate a hurricane ZIPS in and turns him completely around.  He pops in a beautiful blue explosion and I get ready to call it a night.  Then a drake warps in, sees us in local and docks up.  We bounce between gates as other ships come up and run away.  Suddenly he warps to one out gate just as we set up camp on it for a Typhoon coming the other way.  He goes through, some folks pop in and chase him and chase the phoon through the gate into us.  Nice two-fer as the phoon got webbed and bumped immediately and had no MWD.  He put up a gf and bantered in local for a bit bouncing his pod around before heading out. killboard linkage.


About Corelin

An Eve playing Fool who occasionally writes about the shenanigans he and his minions get up to.

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