I’ve Become a Meme

Eelis Kiy over at Where the Frak is my Ship – http://www.wtfims.blogspot.com/ posted a great idea today, “What do your stats say about you?”

So I went ahead and pulled mine up.  http://tfhc.eve-kill.net/?a=pilot_detail&plt_id=82319&view=ships_weapons

Megathron (49) – Almost all from when Snipe BS were the order of the day in null.

Drake (32) – I hate drakes.  I really do.  DAMNIT.

Rifter (27) – yaaay rifters.

Harbinger (27) – And mostly shield tanked.  Nullsec begets weird fits. Mostly Snipe fit I suspect

Armageddon (23) – RRBS are fun

Rokh (21) – Snipe BS again.

Ishkur (20) – One of the best solo ships around.

Brutix (20) – Snipe BC again.

Zealot (16) – Tried some solo roaming in it, did some sniping in it.  I like the ship but its an odd duck.

Pilgrim (16) – Killed a carrier in one.  Nasty little sucker.

Eagle (13) – Snipe HAC.  Currently stuck in nullsec in Scalding Pass.

Dominix (12) – RRBS again.  Great ship, surprised I don’t have more kills in it.

Succubus (10) – Fun can flipping ship.

Harpy (8) – Slightly less in yo face than an Enyo.  Better slot layout.  Not as cool looking.

Curse (8) – ONLY 8???? I love this ship.  It owns faces.  Time to haul mine out to lowsec and have more fun with it.

Vengeance (7) – This ship needs a damage bonus.  The rifter does more.

Hurricane (6) – Just started flying it.  This sucker is gonna get some love.

Legion (5) – I’m amazed by my ability to score 5 kills in this ship.  I really, really am.

Ashimmu (5) – Hangar Queen.  Love it.  Really do.  Hard to justify undocking.

Rook (4) – Using a Rook in hisec is a pain.  Everyone can dock up.

Now for weapons.

425mm Railgun II (44) – Snipe BS.

200mm Autocannon II (18) – Rifter

Ogre II (16) – Domi + Geddon.

Focused Medium Pulse Laser II (13) – Harbinger, Legion… think thats it.

250mm Railgun II (12) – Snipe BS/Hacs.

Hammerhead II (12) – WTF?

Heavy Assault Missile Launcher II (11) – Drake

Light Electron Blaster II (11) – Ishkur.  Pretty sure I fit neutrons on the Harpy

Hobgoblin II (10) – Ishkur again.

Widowmaker Heavy Missile (10) – Drake / Rook

Warrior II (10) – Ishkur

Mega Pulse Laser II (9) – Geddon.  These things are awesome.


Ammatar Navy Medium Pulse Laser (6) – RIP Faction Fit Succubus.

Heavy Pulse Laser II (6) – Harbinger, and the Phantasm.

150mm Light Prototype I Automatic Cannon (6) – pre Small AC Spec.

Warp Disruptor II (5) – Killmail whoring ftw.

Terror Assault Missile (5) – Missiles… Launchers… whatever right CCP?

Valkyrie II (4) – My Pilgrim uses these a lot.

Large EMP Smartbomb I (4) – I have NO idea.


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An Eve playing Fool who occasionally writes about the shenanigans he and his minions get up to.

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