They see me Rollin’ They hatin’

Lately our gatecamp has gotten a lot of whining.  Indeed I’ve noticed something about the culture and perception of EvE-Online in the last few weeks.  I saw on someone else’s blog (I’m afraid I cannot remember who) a comment that EvE stood for Everybody vs. Everybody.  That struck me as the EvE that I play.  You have people you shoot and people you shoot with.  I spend a lot of time managing my moneymaking, but that is intended to let me blow stuff up with neater toys.

However some people disagree.  Recently there was this gem of tears from (

The most misguided nugget in this I shall quote directly.

A few griefers whom I’ve talked to (and even some of the wackier roleplayers) love to seek shelter behind the fallacious distinction between “real” life and game life, as if the latter is some sort of netherworld that exists in a vacuum removed from reality and devoid of human interaction (and resulting emotion). Well no, sorry guys, there is no game life vs. real life; there’s just life, and your actions affect others regardless of whether it’s “just a game,” “in character,” or any other convenient excuse. It’s not “your character” bleeping around with other people’s characters — it’s you (and them).

Now I spend a lot of time in EvE.  but one thing I have managed to remember is that IT IS A GAME.  If you are losing your head over your cyno ship getting popped in the same gatecamp you lost a cynoship ten minutes ago then you are nuts.  You are the guy in the office whose stapler I hide in the bottom drawer to watch you LOSE your MIND because you let everything get to you.  Is my behaviour anti-social?  A bit.  Is yours?  Hell yes.

Yes gatecamps aren’t fair.  They are not supposed to be.  A fair fight is one you might lose.  I don’t want my fleet to be yours +1, if I’m FCing and I’ve done my job right my fleet is yours +10, you just don’t know it.  A gatecamp is a way to chill out for a while and kill things.  Nothing more nothing less.  People  go crazy when they go through them and lose small stuff.  People go through them and lose… well… this and we never hear from them.

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An Eve playing Fool who occasionally writes about the shenanigans he and his minions get up to.

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  1. I wouldn’t call that quote misguided at all – in fact, you are proving it right by having nothing more to offer than “It’s Just A Game”.

    Granted, a lot of people shout ‘griefing!’ for what is in fact acceptable EVE gameplay, but that is a different topic altogether. It is also not a question of particular game mechanics and tactics (gate camps, can flipping, station camping, blobs), but how they are used when against whom.

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