A real response to a real comment.

Yesterday’s post got a comment, basically saying that “It’s Just a Game” is not a reason to do things in EvE that some people consider griefing.  He relates back to the Massively post quote of:

“Well no, sorry guys, there is no game life vs. real life; there’s just life, and your actions affect others regardless of whether it’s “just a game,” “in character,” or any other convenient excuse. It’s not “your character” bleeping around with other people’s characters — it’s you (and them).

I take objection to this.  This says to me that if you are constantly picking the “evil” faction in the game you are an “evil” person? The quote explicitly states that there “is no game life vs. real life; there’s just life, and your actions affect others regardless of whether it’s “Just a Aame,” “in character,” or any other convenient excuse.”  Does this make all Amarrian characters in EvE slave owning religious fanatics?  Am I truly an immortal pod pilot with billions in my accounts and a fleet of ships at my back and cell?  Of course not, its ridiculous.  Nor am I a mass murderer with a death sentence in any “civilized” system, because EvE is “Just a Game” with, and I’m going to make this absurdly clear:


To call the distinction between “real” life and “game” life “fallacious” frankly ignores why many, many people play these games. It is a game. It is different from real life and people play them because you CAN do things in the game that are accepted by certain people within the game as being within the rules. If I went “PVP” in real life i’d end up in the jail or in the morgue.  I’ve received threats from people to hunt me down and kill me in real life, racial, ethnic and sexual slurs, and all manner of abuse from people in game while can-flipping, gate-camping, war-deccing, even roaming in nullsec.

To make a point specific to EvE:  If this game wanted to advertise itself truthfully they would point out that EvE stands for Everyone Vs. Everyone.  It is a unflinchingly, unapologetically, explicitly pvp oriented game.  Many games have systems that allow you to consent to PvP.  EvE is nice enough to do this.  Log in, if you are in a station there’s a button that allows you to consent to PVP.  See that button in the bottom left?  Its called the undock button.  If you click that then you are accepting the fact that there is PVP in your future at some point.  If someone is bored and you look like a juicy target, they can attack you anywhere as long as they are willing to face the consequences.  Yes people screaming “GRIEFER” or “BLOBBER” or “H4XX0R” at everyone who has ever shown up on their lossmails is a consequence of PvP.  A hilarious consequence.  What is sad is the yes men and me toos that don’t understand that EvE allows PvP of everyone, not just other people, and who cannot accept their own losses might be, in some small part, their fault.

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