CCP has responded to the 5000+ post mega-threadnaught on their servers.  CCP Zulu has spoken and he has said:  Nothing.

The boards are in flames over microtransactions for in game benefits.  Not because the prices in the store are too high, although I think they are, and not because people see the whole model as a transparent way to make a few bucks, it is, but its becoming an industry standard, and CCP frankly does have the right to make money off its customers, that’s kinda where they get money.

CCP Zulu talks about how the articles in the newsletter are opinions.  Ok.  Fine.  Lets look at who has these opinions.  In support of microtransactions for virtually everything we have “a driving force in CCP’s Game Design Department,”  and to balance him with an article written almost as poorly as this blog we have:  “A renowned master of spreadsheets (who) works his Excel wizardy in the Research and Statistics department,”

Gee I wonder who is setting the course for CCP.

CCP, Talk about the elephant in the room.  We aren’t fucking stupid.  We aren’t ignorant.  We love your game, that is why we are angry, furious even over the course you seem to be setting.  Talk about the elephant in the room.  We want you to deny that your devs are working on ways to cut people out of the marketplace.  We want you to deny that you are selling a direct, in-game advantage to players for money, removing any other parties from the transaction .  Talk about the elephant in the room.Tell us that you aren’t going to break the economy, and the entire game in the name of a quick buck.  Talk about the elephant in the room.  Quit bullshitting us with “Oh you are being mean, oh the prices are set like this for a reason,”  Quit dancing around the issue.  Talk about the fucking elephant.

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An Eve playing Fool who occasionally writes about the shenanigans he and his minions get up to.

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