On the Raggedy Edge

Some days it seems like nothign goes right.  Or weeks.  Or months.

Truly, once I calmed down I wasn’t worried about the $99 license.  There’s some concerns there, but frankly I think that that initiative will be a boon to CCP and the community in the long run.

Nor am I terribly worried about FAMC.  I’ve already figured out how to ignore it and I’ll even get around the main rollout when it comes.  Just not a big concern for me, and who knows I may even find parts of it I enjoy when it threatens to stop murdering my computer.

However last night I got a banner from Sassy B of http://idrawedsumspaceships.blogspot.com/

What about Major Kong?

and I caught my breath.  Not because its beautiful, but because I realized that CCP no longer deserves the community it has.  Its that simple.  The players care too much about the game for the people behind the game to shit all over their players like this.  Right now the only thing keeping me going is a sense of duty to the friends I have in the game.  The fun is gone, CCP killed it.

Even if I cancel my accounts I still have months of gametime left.  Maybe something will change.  Who knows.


About Corelin

An Eve playing Fool who occasionally writes about the shenanigans he and his minions get up to.

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  1. CCP have handled this badly, but sadly I think it is the hysterical response of some of the players that is sucking the fun out TBH.

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