Ups and Downs

This summer of EvE has been a rollercoaster.  A Rollercoaster of Love.

Now get that out of your head.

CCP Zulu came out with another Dev Blog.  He finally did the right thing.  He apologized for the way things were presented in the prior Dev Blog and for venting his anger towards the community, by taking a harsh and self-satisfied tone in that Dev Blog.  I can understand where he is at.  I have had many times when I received an E-Mail or a report that made me want to take my laptop down the hall and smash the senders face with it until they got the message.  I can only imagine how frustrated he was.  However I am gratified by his apology even as I know I would prefer that it was not needed.

He goes on to say that the CSM is coming to Iceland on the 30th and the 1st to sit down and “define and address the real underlying concerns, and it assist us in defining and iterating on our virtual goods strategy,” This needs to not be a sop to the playerbase, the CSM, in its role as a stake-holder in EvE needs to have a voice with some weight behind it.  They need to be able to draw a line somewhere and even if they cannot enforce it they need CCP to acknowledge it.  However at the same time there is one simple fact that I think the players need to acknowledge.



This meeting needs to be an actual summit, where both parties, not sides, parties, meet, have an open and frank discussion.  EvE Online has added another first to its list.  The riots of the last 2 days have been epic, have encompassed thousands of people from around the world, and, in an odd way, represent a major accomplishment for CCP.  They have created something so powerful that it moves people to a rage that is rarely seen even in individuals in other MMOs, let alone the playerbase.  However now that CCP has seen that it can happen, they need to ensure that it NEVER happens again.

They need to meet with the CSM.

They need to listen to the CSM.

They need to stand up at the end and record a joint message with the CSM.

Hilmar needs to stand next to Mittens and say “This is what we have come up with,” and they need to release a FULL report on EXACTLY what will or will not happen.

Much of this rage has happened because both sides communicated badly.  CCP was vague, smug, and arrogant to an extent that is utterly unbecoming and even undeserved given their recent activities.  The players were fueled by rage and acted in frequently bad judgement both in the channels and content they chose to communicate with.  The biggest difference between the two is that the players message was louder than a trumpet blast and clearer than mountain air.  CCP has come off as muddled, confused, and arrogant.


Fancy hats joined the Aridia Group (we’re working on a name) on a roam out into Genesis.  We got caught out by a small bait fleet that intercepted us as we tried to link up with a pilot disco’d in hostile territory, we lost a few ships who failed to jump through in time.  At this point we jumped back through and burned out of the area, and went home, rather humbled but generally in good spirits.  Upon returning to Aridia we caught a lolfit Megathron which we quickly put out of its misery ( and safely made our way home.  Fleet discipline was quite good, people followed orders and were quiet for FC commands.

First PvP for a while, and the first activity on alliance scale since we lost half our corps and 2/3 of our numbers (not our combat strength thankfully) but it was good to brush off some of the dust.

In closing I want to say my accounts are currently set not to renew.  I keep them paid up well in advance with plex, and plan on being active, however I have a sharp eye on CCP, and by the end of the summer one of my accounts may well be inactive depending on how things go.  I’m also looking at Perpetuum along with Helicity and Paul Clavet.  Interesting place.  Went from ~150 a day to over 450 in the last three days, with the eve bittervets channel over 200.  Their Devs are probably running around in their underwear screaming in joy (and frantically adding hamsters to servers that are clearly NOT up to the strain of the new population) So expect to see me in EvE for the summer, and then?  Who knows.

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