Carebears with Fangs also have Legs.

LATE EDIT:  Adding a song that shoulda been in there from the beginning.


A few months back Mord Fiddle of Fiddler’s Edge made a post about “Carebears with Teeth” being the most valuable commodity in EvE.  He made this post when NC was ascendant and looking untouchable.  Things changed.  Things changed FAST.

Now I’m not 100% certain of all the actions in the campaign that led to the NCs fall.  But I have noticed something, I waited to see if Mord would strike with a post since it was his story, but his latest post didn’t take up the theme I had hoped it will.  You will have to pardon me if I am neither as insightful or well written as Mord, but it is something that needs to be said.

Carebears with Teeth are invaluable in Nullsec.  They feed the supercap machine, they drive the economy and they form the bulk of the defense fleets out there.  They are the armed settlers that tame the wilderness.  They are also apparently a disloyal bunch.  Or that is they are loyal mostly to themselves.

Loyal to no one!

They are out in nullsec to make money.  As the great Danny DeVito said “Everybody needs money.  That’s why they call it MONEY!” and carebears live by that creed.  When NC was rolling along unopposed, or even ran into hiccups like the MAXX campaigns they were happy to yarr in and fight in the few battles forced on them, happy and confident that they will soon be back to mining, plexing, and all the happy moneymaking they can handle.  Then came the DRF.  As it turns out multi-month deployments don’t sit well with people whose primary interest is in making money.  Then things got ugly.

Enter Strategic Operations Brigade.  A small sov holding renter deep in DRF space.  Not deployed.  Not fighting.  Carebearing it up.  Half of R.A.G.E. seems to be in it, out in the middle of nowhere in Detroid.  And they aren’t the only alliance of this type.

It doesn’t take a genius to see how this fell out.  Your carebear corp has been deployed away from its home for months, NOT making money, supposedly to defend space, and your FCs aren’t even putting the fleets into fights because they have become too intimidated by the opposition.  Suddenly you get an offer “Quit fighting, come over to our side, we don’t want you in the fight we want you to just make money,”

I don’t think that it was a flood, but I bet at least some corps were all about the offer after some VERY short discussions.  Its not a hard choice between a side that isn’t fighting for its own territory and a side that’s winning overwhelmingly and offering you a safe spot light-years from any hostiles.  Part of me wants to damn them for their disloyalty, another part of me wants to applaud them for their mercenary values.

The takeaway for all this is that the settlers that make up the lifeblood will fight for you, but not for long, and not if you blueball them all the time.  If you don’t let them do what they want a good portion of the time, someone else will.

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  1. Nice post, thanks! Love the picture. *grin*

  2. Wasting away in Dodixie-ville, looking for my log shaker of salt.

    It’s a little more complicated than that. (I was not in any NC corp) The worst problem was an idiot FC that Vuk put in charge that took the entire NC on a Campaign of aggression that nobody, and I mean nobody agreed with. The people this idiot FC was going after had not been bothering anybody. THAT set in motion a cascade of loss of support both within and outside of the NC.

    First TEST and Goons, the two largest Alliances in the game, withdrew their support from the NC war of aggression. Second, once everybody in the NC saw that the FC was an idiot they took their ball and went home, not just the carebear pubbie, whatevers.

    The only problem was that this pissed off every Russian in the Game. There was an understanding that the NC was happy with its space and wasn’t like BoB. In other words, you don’t bother them and they won t bother you. Now they had become another BoB but really, really stupid. What did you think the outcome was going to be?

    First a huge conglomeration of every Russian in the game, everybody whoever got beat by the NC and everybody who was bored assembled against the NC. Then the Russians, who have many members in Goons and TEST, got those two to sit out. TEST did so immediately and Goons did not long after. Then the whole assault force showed up with 50 TITANS AND 124 MOTHERSHIPS. Just to give you a clue that is so many raw hitpoints that you couldn’t possible chew through it all no matter how many other ships you show up with. Even if you show up with 100 1-shotting Titans the7y could simply log off before you could kill 5 or 10.

    So this isn’t about “Carebears” or “Pubbies” or whatever insult of the week the riffraff want to call them. Its about the age old mantra of don’t attack Moscow in Winter and don’t attack the Russians in Eve.

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