I was There

My last alliance, Disciples of Crom spent a lot of time in other people’s wormholes.  Its a lifestyle I don’t particularly enjoy as you spend time running around, scanning, hiding, and shooting towers with subcaps.  On the other hand you get to see a lot of stuff that you don’t see otherwise.  Our friends in Pendulum of Doom asked for help taking down a loudmouth in a wormhole.  We agreed and helped get a POS set up, moved in a fleet, and of course our staging POS gets put into reinforced with a 3AM central time timer.  Ouch.

So I set all my alarms and nap on the couch.  Wake up around the right time, get on voice comms, tower is getting bashed by a Phoenix with a rattlesnake and stealth bomber in support.  Phoenix is in siege.  No one is in position to tackle the Phoenix, or even provide a warpin.

Now tackle is not particularly important in this case.  In siege this thing is going nowhere but there is a lot of confusion as to when the dread entered siege, so we want people ready to get on it when it finishes its cycle.  I warp in in my curse start neuting him down and MWD in close to get the rest of the fleet in.  They start warping in and hammering away.  The rest of the hostiles scramble away completely unable to help save their capital ship.  Damage piles up very fast as the neuting and DPS starts to show.  Soon the Phoenix lacks to cap to even run his hardeners, let alone his booster.  He quickly dove through armor and structure and died in an impressive explosion.

Which I didn’t Fraps.  Ugh.  I suck on ice.

Still dead red caps.

I brokded it!

It was a great moment and a real highlight, I felt like a key contributor and a great accomplishment taking down a capship with a small gang.

Ninja Edit:  Dreads go into Siege, Carriers go into Triage.

About Corelin

An Eve playing Fool who occasionally writes about the shenanigans he and his minions get up to.

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