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I’ve been thinking about this post since monocle-gate broke out.  I’ve had it staring at me in drafts for weeks.  I’m getting ready for a weekend getaway to scenic western Iowa, so I made a promise to myself to finish it off before I rolled out.

EvE development seems chaotic and unfocused from a player’s standpoint.  Development cycles are poorly understood, communications are rather chaotic and fraught with misunderstandings.  Ideas thrown out in early dev blogs that incite worship from the players are left to die on the vine without any mention.  This isn’t really that unusual in the gaming world.  LotrO seems to have axed mounted combat from its Rohan expansion, when at one point that was THE main feature.

However there are still things I’d *like* to see happen in EvE, and here I’m going to focus on game mechanics more than the metagame side.

1.  More T3s 0  Frigates, BS, BCs, Industrials, Modules, SOMETHING.  When Apocrypha came out there was discussion of a whole new realm of improved equipment with adjustable stats.  Not just the cruiers, but frigates, weapons, all sorts of shinies.  We’ve been sitting waiting for this ever since it released.  Odds of it happening: 25% There’s a lot involved in adding new ships, especially ones as complex as the T3s.

2.  Lowsec balance –  This has become one of the biggest dead horses in EvE.  There’s more and better suggestions out on any of a MILLION threads than I could even begin to cover.  Odds of it happening – 80% CCP doesn’t have someone on it now, but they have been working with the last few CSMs to get this rolling.

3.  Faction Warfare – AND on a related note!  A bit of #1 and #2 here.  Lots of promise in the initial deployment.  Since then, bugger all.  Now people just farm it for faction ships or cheap pvp.

4.  Faction BCs – Tell me that blood raider prophecy doesn’t scream “FLY ME,”  Odds of it happening: 66% the models already exist, which is the biggest holdup according to the last CSM minutes, and there is a dedicated balance person, if CCP decides to do it I think they could manage it fairly cheaply.

5.  Ship balancing – Not sexy.  Real important.  Certain ships and weapons are simply not viable these days.  AT9 was a showcase for the power of minmatar.  Since the great eve-kill wipe took off all my old Snipe BS kills, I have 159 kills.  90 of them in Minmatar hulls.  Most of the rest are Amarr, and all but 2 of the remainder are caldari (I hate drake, yet I seem to live in them for long periods of time.  *sigh*) I love gallente ships,  I do, but they end up being incredibly slow, with high mass, low base speed, and poor agility, adding armor tanks to them makes them the slowest ships in the game.  Then you put blasters on them which track worse, and have shorter range than any other weapon in the game, and are cap hogs to boot!

Let me actually break down all 4 races real quick in the order *I* see them.

Minmatar – Fast, Agile, hit VERY hard and don’t need cap for most of what they do.  Which is good because cap is a serious issue with some of their ships.  Good space for utility mids.  No buffer bonuses.  Tanking bonuses are active rep. good logi.

Amarr – Tough, agile more than fast, but lasers have disgusting range and pretty good tracking.  GREAT recon ships.  VERY cap dependent and very few ships have utility mids.  Phenominal logi.

Caldari – I love dumping on them but (especially in shield fleets where they rule) caldari actually are very good, tough ships.  Everyone hates Falcons, basis are the 2nd best logi in the game, the ships start slowish but don’t get slower due to shield tanks.  Blasters are meh, although caldari can at least get them into range.  Missiles, especially HAMs can do VERY good DPS if you understand the mechanics.  Very few ships have utility mids unless you armor tank them.

Gallente – FEARSOME Dps if you can land it on the target.  Every single BS has 1kdps potential, lots of drones make them great in a non-sentry gun or smartbomb environment, but again, high mass, low base speed, and armor tanks combine to make them lead bricks in most fights.  In addition they don’t have a single ship with a resistance bonus, instead getting bonuses to repair amount, makes their tanks even more demanding slot-wise than a similar Amarr fit.  They do get the best selection of utility mids and can even show up in shield tank fleets quite often.

How would I fix this?  Reduce mass of gallente ships to boost the amount of speed they get out of AB/MWD.  Improve blaster tracking.  If I have to hump your leg to do damage I’m betting the weapons were designed to hit close range targets.

REDUCE the tracking of ACs, they are meant to be the medium-to-long-range, skirmish-in-falloff weapons not the knife fighting in your face weapons.

I would be interested to see a small drop in the damage of Scorch crystals.  There’s almost no reason to bring anything other than scorch and faction multifreq these days.  Lasers have a huge bonus in free reloads, but never use it because once you have T2 ammo available, there’s only 2 crystals to use.

Caldari – Honestly its hard to see what they could do.

Odds of this happening?  100%  CCP Tallest is on it.  Lets see how he does.

6.  Fix supercaps – Do it.  Do it now.  Odds?  100% Tallest is either going to be the most popular Dev ever or found floating in a river east of Moscow in May.

7.  Bring back station spinning – FFS I feel like I’ve done something wrong staring at this door!  Odds – 100/25% in the short term its apparently coming back, long term we might be forced into Incarna.




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