What’s the Point? (Of EvE)

I get asked this question.  A lot.  Like ALL the TIME.  Honestly its a head-scratcher.  You aren’t killing Ragnaros, or Deathwing, or the Lich-King, or hunting down Saruman, the PvE endgame consists of (currently (ymmv)) chasing after sansha motherships and then NOT destroying them to farm the sites for as long as possible.

Each person has to answer this question differently.  EvE is an achievement oriented game.  I’m not talking “cheevos” to use my friend Matt’s term.  I’m talking about setting a goal that is unique to you and driving yourself until you achieve that goal.  I know that I want to be a good PvP player in a PvP oriented group.  I want to play with my friends, I even enjoy building things and making money on the market.

You know what word isn’t in that last paragraph?  Fun.  EvE is not about the kind of simple “fun” that many MMOs offer.  For me that is a positive.  For many people it isn’t.  They want to log in, have a clear, simple objective and jump into a group to kill the big bad boss.  In EvE things are rarely that simple.  I love it.  There’s no “level cap” there’s always something new to try, whether its a new way of making money, a new ship, or new way of using an old one.  Change is the natural state of the EvE universe.

So the simple answer:

EvE is pointless.

As pointless as a PvP ship with 1 midslot.  


Unless you choose to make it otherwise.


About Corelin

An Eve playing Fool who occasionally writes about the shenanigans he and his minions get up to.

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