It is a game! Play it / Big Announcement

So for whatever reasons I took CCPs poorly orchestrated shenanigans VERY seriously.  Like, crazy man seriously.

Like this crazy.

It got to the point where the game I played for “fun” was not only not fun, it was affecting my ability to enjoy parts of life outside of EvE.  This is a bad thing.  So I said to myself: “Self, you need to either get OUT of the game or you need to get into the GAME,” so I thought about it a bit more.  Then I remembered what made the game fun.  Mayhem (not Mayhem.) murder, freewheeling PvP and helping out new people.

Thanks to Haiku Ninja @ Deviantart for this awesome pic!


So now (RL permitting) I’m joining roams and deathinating people who don’t know what they are doing.  It’s the reason I went to lowsec, it’s the thing I love most about EvE.  Blue explosions, small group pvp, pulling victories out from the brink of defeat and avoiding stupid losses.

Our first roam was a very qualified success.  We had some godawful fits, but we managed to hold the field against a fleet that brought armor BS to fight shield BCs, lost 3 ships (and nearly lost 6, 3 escaped in structure) and the only thing that kept it from being an even bloodier draw was the appearance of an even bigger fleet that scattered us all.

All right! We'll call it a draw

In other news:

Uncle Corelin wants you!

TFHC is now recruiting PvP veterans and n00bs alike.  We require voice comms, a FULL API background check, and usually an in-game/audio interview.  All types welcome, even bittervets.

P.S. To those folks I contacted re: the interesting post, I’m working on it, want to make sure to give time for all the responses I will get to come in.

I'm using it every time I can


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