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First a song!

So I did a fun little blog a while ago complaining that CCP was going to wreck EvE’s economy.

I decided to follow up to show things a little more precisely.  I recently bought a Sleipnir for use in shield gangs.  It’s a ship I’ve wanted for a while.  I looked around on the alt that bought it and decided to evemail all the people I got components from.  My goal was to see who supplied me, who supplied them, and to try to show how things worked.

I didn’t get that much useful data from people, and I’m godawful at making charts so I will spare you the one I made.

The major item folks (Ship, guns) didn’t respond with useful information for which I absolutely do not blame them, making T2 ships and items is a chore, requires a POS and in general it’s a risk to respond to these kinds of EvE-mails since for all they know Fancy Hats is an evil wardec corp.  Come to think of it we WERE an evil wardec corp so they may be on to something.  Of the remainder, a couple were traders, buying and reselling items for profit, in one case a LOT of profit.  Another bought processed moon goo, made his own components and made the T2 items from that (more work than I’d care to do but does help the margins) and another bought components, mined ore, and made T2 items from that.

I was a little disappointed the rig seller didn’t respond.  I would be interested to see how often people buy salvage and how often they go out and get their own.  I’d suspect that the major players in the market let the proles do the work.

Anyway an interesting little experiment.  Sad I couldn’t get more concrete information out of it but certainly a LOT of people would be getting squeezed in the market for every item that CCP chooses to make available in the Noble Market.

In other news my video on EvE is Real is getting killed 1715 to 1.  Must get my corpies to vote for me.  A lot.  And if any of you want to share my video go to http://www.eveisreal.net/#!/video-contest/entries search for Fancy Hats and share me on your social media of choice!

Vote Early, Vote Often


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