Wow it’s been busy.

So real life has been interfering with EvE, hence me having no posts and not doing anything interesting in EvE for a couple weeks.  We had one abortive battle in Ertoo where we managed to not notice most of our logistics chain wasn’t with us and our DPS couldn’t overcome their reps so we got THOROUGHLY welped

Ouch.  We had a plan.  It wasn’t what we went in with, and it showed.  Mayhem. had a plan, they followed through, brought a better fleet and clearly had much less confusion than we did.  We managed to THOROUGHLY cover ourselves in shame in that fight, and there were a lot of spectators for the fight.  /le sigh


Two days later the Army Reserves tells me I haven’t done my AT for the year, (I know, I’ve been asking about it) and tells me I need to report SOON(TM) so i say no problem I’ll be there tomorrow.  College students don’t have awful schedules during the summer.

Of course once this is done I head to Florida for a week, because fuckit I wanna go see friends.  So I’m keeping a low profile, trying to help my guys have fun and logging on when I can.  I forgot how tired you get after even a boring day on duty in the army.

Anyway don’t expect any phenominal posts unless something excellent comes up before I get back from my work/vaca.

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An Eve playing Fool who occasionally writes about the shenanigans he and his minions get up to.

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