Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics.

I am a baseball fanatic.  I follow my Red Sox religiously.  Actually my Rabbi wishes I was at the synagogue that much.  One of the things I love most about Baseball is the absolute cornucopia of statistics it offers to evaluate your team or player.

Jobu says FUCK your statistics.

From Babes Love Baseball

EvE online is run by many serious players like a business more than a hobby or God Forbid, a game.  I have no problem with this.  There’s times I have done it myself.  What I do decry is the lack of good tools for doing so.  Baseball has some great statistics for measuring a players value to his team.  In EvE you have very few tools.  Let’s look at it from a few standpoints.

For all players there are certificates.  These certify that a player has a certain set of skills.  That is like watching a player take batting practice in a cage against a machine.  Is it relevant?  Sure, is it demonstrative in a real situation?  No.  To use an EvE example lets take my favorite whipping boy, mining.

I out earn all of you while I'm asleep (No I'm not kidding)

Miner A doesn’t have all the certificates, but he can fly a hulk, and has multiple fittings at hand to change out for different situations, and generally knows when to do so.  Miner B Has never been in a corp, only knows 1 way to fit his ship and is resistant to change.

When these two show up for a mining op with their new corp, Miner A immediately recognizes that the orca will be doing all the hauling so he doesn’t need a huge cargohold, he goes ahead and throws in his mining upgrades, and maxes out his tank in case of hostiles.  Miner B goes with the same old same old fit he always uses, and isn’t nearly as efficient as Miner A.  How is a CEO supposed to pick up on this?

PVPers have a little bit better tool for this.  Killboards, whether eve-kill, battleclinic, evekb or whatever have a wealth of information for leaders to peruse.  I won’t go into a lot of detail, but it should suffice to say that PvPers have a much easier time.  How about mission runners / incursionists / WH junkies?  The amount of information you REALLY REALLYwant to have for these guys is just amazing, and very difficult to get.  You need to know peoples fits, their discipline, their trustworthiness, if the toon has been sold… the list goes on.

What I’m saying is we need better tools. - much more entertaining than that Corelin guy.

Now I won’t get into an argument on who needs to come up with these tools.  Frankly that is a LOOOOOOONG topic that I will tackle another time, however the tools need to be found.  Leaders need effective ways to judge applicants without giving them the tools to the kingdom.  I want WAR, VORP, FIP, OPS, and ISO and I want them yesterday!

What about Major Kong?

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