So I tried out Incursions today.  Managed to get into a fleet nearly instantly.  (Hint lvl 5 logi + well fit basilisk) Spent about 20 minutes getting into position and another 5 getting a quick rundown on things from my new fleetmates.  Several things about this were fun for me.

  1. Not being the FC.  Even I get tired of the sound of my own voice and DAMN it was nice to be able to shut up for a while in EvE.
  2. Learning something new.  It’s amazing how different you feel being absolutely new in something for the first time in who knows how long, and to actually have people helping you learn things.
  3. Seeing the pretty ships.  At one point we had a Vindi, 3 Machs, 2 Nightmares, a Tengu, a Loki, 2 Basis, and a Scimi.  Most had at least one or two faction modules on them.  I can’t imagine the isk value of the fleet.
  4. Succeding at a new task.  Ok running logi isn’t new.  It’s part of the reason I decided to do incursions as a logi pilot.  It was nice dealing with the incoming DPS with contemptuous ease.  (We had 1, count it 1 close call, admittedly we were running vanguards, but still)

At the end I checked my wallet, which had been blinking like mad the whole time.  I’d made 80 million isk in something like 75 minutes.  Call it 65 million isk / hour.  Going back and looking at my Money Making Methods post, you will find that this is more than even most of the industrial professions that I can do nets you.  Startup costs can be high, especially if you can’t fly logis, but still… AMAZING money is available.

I’m sure that there are downsides.  I know that my fleet was waiting for QUITE a while for people to get there (even after we got all the logis in we had to wait for DPS to arrive) but it definately seems to me that this could feed someones addiction to faction-fitted nasties for QUITE some time.

There’s still some questions out there for me.  When/How are LP paid out.  Why are people using battleships in vanguard when 90% of the enemies are frigates or cruisers?  How effective are smaller ships against the heavies?  Can you run with 2 good heavily tanked basis and 8/9 DPS when running VGs?  (I thought we could have done it but there were a few times when I was glad we had a Scimi backing us up) How fast are armor fleets against shield fleets (I’m betting slower due to less DPS) and who knows what evil lies in the hearts of men?

This guy.

So the next step for me will be getting more of The Fancy Hats involved in incursions.  Especially people that want/need money, and I’d like to get to the point where we can run vanguard fleets with just fancy hats and maybe 1 or 2 other guys.

Finally but FAR from least importantly… Thanks go out to Ripard Teg of Jester’s Trek and the folks at BTL Pub for setting up some EXCELLENT websites for helping out incursion neophytes like myself.

I'm using it every time I can

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  1. Armor would typically be slower with less DPS, and the repair happens at the end of the cycles instead of the start, but the armor also has higher base resists against EM/therm. Armor does allow you to fit more EWAR, like webs, painters, and some other stuff like tracking computers. That’s where armor is more desirable (and somewhat tougher) than shields.

    • Yeah armor is more alpha-resistant it seems, but is capable of higher DPS, especially on the traditional armor-tanked ships with have full racks of damage and tracking mods. On the other hand Shield reps transfer “faster” due to hitting at the start of their cycle, and are thus more responsive to changing situations.

      My philosophy on PvE is “Enough” tank to survive and then max dps. For what I see in vanguards, it looks like shields are better. From what I’ve read of HQs and Mothership sites…. well… Armor does sound a lot nicer there.

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