I Hate to say “I Told you So,” No… Wait… I LOVE to. It’s part of why I Blog.

Ninja Edit:  http://www.sobaseki.com/wordpress/2011/09/02/ccp-in-desperate-need-of-cash/ published first.




Wait.  They’ve been losing money since who knows when.  They need to pay back $11.8 Million (which might be monopoly money by October but hey whose counting) and in April they has $11.2 and were losing about 500 grand a month.  Let’s see… carry the 2… Let’s be generous and say $9.2 Million.  Take away the $11.8 million they owe, assuming they lose nothing in Sept or Oct.  -$2.6 Million. 

So the solution is to sell 13 months of plexes for the price of roughly 11.5.  Actually not a terrible deal for CCP, since that’s about what a sub costs paid for well in advance.  Still.  I can smell the desperation here in Iowa. 

It smells like Flop Sweat.

I do hope CCP can right the sinking ship they’ve created financially.  As I said in the past EvE is a successful busines venture.  EvE is not what is killing CCP.  What is killing CCP is trying to use a niche-market game like EvE and use it to finance a “persistant” FPS that will be lucky to last 18 months if that, while simultaneously producing a Theme-Park MMO to throw into the competition of “who get’s to kill WoW” (Hint:  Blizzard will kill WoW.  Someone else will just be there to scoop loot)


I'm using it every time I can

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