Competition Matters

Week 1 of College Football is over.  THANK GOD!!!

Every school in America does their best to play Dandelion U or Creampuff Community College week 1.  Barring disasters like the Assasination in Ann Arbor a few years ago no onr loses these games.  Yet all the local sports radio shows talk about these games like they are the most crucial indicator of success you can have.  Today the local walking mouths were calling one receiver, whose name I’ve never heard before and already forgotten, a 1st round NFL pick.  HE WAS PLAYING TENNESSEE TECH.  HE SHOULD LOOK GREAT. 

Yummy. Not much competition though.

I don’t brag (much) about how I fare shooting defenseless mining ships in EvE.  I do like doing it, its fun and sometimes it does lead to awesome fights.  People like to pimp their killboard stats.  They should, scoring awesome kills is great, and sometimes nailing a fat hauler just makes your day.  It doesn’t make you the God of PvP.  Nailing battleships regularly in a frigate?  Maybe.  I know I like doing it.  Still not a great indicator.  Picking fights you think you can win and winning them makes you good at PvP. 

It hurts.

In this sense the football teams are doing it right Dandelion U is not gonna stand up to Steamroller State.  (Except Appalachian State, ask Michigan)  But in other ways they hurt themselves.  If you only beat up on small teams, you might get good people, you wont get great people.  They want to challenge themselves, they want to be heroes, not bullies. 

In EvE yeah its fun killing fat haulers, and pulling it off well will make people happy, but only because it funds ships to go fight “goodfights,”  Steamroller State has to play real competition, or else they hurt themselves by not attracting the kind of players the same as a corporation that only does hauler ganks and completely asymmetrical fighting will hurt itself by not offering something for the people who want to fight tougher competition. 

No matter what you still never want to see this.What about Major Kong?


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