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CSM Mittens had an interview on evenews24 today, where he talked about what is wrong with EvE.  He touches a little on why our last expansions have had very little to do with FiS (Flying in Space) He doesn’t talk at all about why those expansions have happened.

I’d say that the 800 pound gorillas of Incarna and Tyranids have mostly blocked the development of those issues. the ‘need’ for PI for DUST, the ‘need’ for Incarna for WoD, has taken up a ton of dev time that could have been spent on fixes for the spaceship game. That said, the people who work at CCP on FiS (Flying in Space) are genuinely competent these days. They just need more free reign and resources to devote to spaceships. Team BFF and Gridlock are particular standouts.

Putting ‘need’ in quotes is disingenuous.  CCP is BLEEDING  MONEY developing DUST and WoD.  I’ve put my comments on record before, but to put it simply: without a new cash flow, either widening the cash spigot from EvE or releasing a new product, CCP will run out of money sometime before the end of this fiscal year.

This is actually my wallet.

The reason we haven’t had an “Apocrypha” type expansion for EvE is that CCP does not have the resources to develop one.  If you look at about what they intended to do with Apocrypha; they didn’t have the resources to develop it when they tried it either.  The video will be *ninja edit* HAS BEEN  linked, but I’ll summarize:  Things got left out.  LOTS of things.  T3 mods, other shiptypes, true exploration of systems including possibly building stargates in new systems.

There were dozens of devs working on that.  I’d be surprised if there were 2 dozen devs working on internet spaceships at CCP games right now.  CCP has been farming its EvE players to fund the development of two big games.  A console shooter for a console that has a terrible reputation at the moment due to Sony’s mishaps, and a MMO based on an IP that hardcore nerds like me have heard about, but not many others have.  To compound the downside of these dubious choices, CCP is fast approaching the point where they will have to mortgage their future to fund the final steps of these process.  Possibly this happened as CCP overestimated the earning power of EvE, thinking that they would be able to profit enough to pull off the new games on the back of the old one.  Finally the global market did them no favors, as Iceland’s economy hes devolved into truly brutal conditions that make our American issues look desirable.

The Reykjavik unemployment office

None of this really matters to me when I log in, stare at my door, and play the one new thing we’ve gotten, Incursions, or (try to) make other people as miserable as me with pew pew.  I do this, and I hope, I hope that CCP will get back to what made them a pioneer.  Internet Spaceships.

I'm using it every time I can

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  1. I really like some of the things that have been coming out the last year in EVE. They are mostly the small things. Fixing the annoying little glitches that flicker in the corner of your eyes and only get truly noticed when they aren’t their anymore.

    But Incarna and the one before that havn’t brought me any new content at all. It’s even hard to remember what they’re called, let alone expend effort looking it up. And that came after the major lag fest that was Dominion. I want pre-Dominion back, it was just more fun.

    • I’m always cautious about talking about the “good ole days” but I would tend to agree. The combination of stagnation in the player base and dev cycle combined with the state the game was in when development “froze” has lender some validity to pining for the “Good ole days”

      That being said many problems now predate Dominion or even Apocrypha. Ship balance with gallente is an old problem. POS and Corp management (and alliance) issues in lowsec… CCP has left a lot undone even before the current stagnation. What we deserve isn’t the good ole days as much as a Brave New World where problems are hunted down proactively and new features are fully implemented at release.

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