Turret vs. Missile DPS

There are many things I’m irrational about.  The impending Zombie Apocalypse, the belief that the Steinbrenner family all have hooves instead of feet, people love reading my blog and thinking I’m interesting.  That kinda stuff.  Then there’s things I believe for good reasons that people don’t believe themselves.  The Red Sox are better than the Yankees.  It still makes sense to have a zombie plan because I can use it for other things.  Missiles are terrible.

Are you Ready?

Seriously.  Delayed DPS is just awful.  I can hear you now “Oh but its only one cycle that gets delayed!”

Really?  Care to state that in the form of a wager?  Lets take an example.


This sucker is gonna throw missiles out every 6.7 seconds.  They will travel 8400 meters per second, so at close range targets (14km in incursions) they will take 2 seconds (about 1/3 of cycle time) to hit their target.  Call it a 1 in 3 chance that you waste a salvo, reducing your DPS.  Anything over 60k and you have a chance of wasting 2 cycles into the black, and as your skills get lower your chance of wasting DPS gets higher as the missile speed falls.

If its only 1 or 2 missile boats in a fleet, it doesn’t really hurt much, but in the bigger sites, like HQs, and especially when sniping at very long ranges, putting 3+ cycles of DPS, (21 seconds) every time you switch targets hurts.  A lot.

Wow. Just Wow.

That is a LOT of DPS, now to be fair some of it is from a nighthawk if I remember the fleet comp correctly, but still.  DAMN.

In addition people tend to not understand the factors affecting their missiles.  Guns miss.  It’s very obvious.  Missiles get their damaged reduced.  The factors involved are easily found, but most missile users do not understand them as often as turret users do.  While this is not a solid, factual argument, the prevalence of people using missiles with no target painters, or stasis webs to improve their striking power.  The result is people build ships with nothing but direct tank and gank equipment, and lack the supporting modules makes the ship look better in raw statistics, DPS and EHP, but often penalizes them in “real” DPS and the ships end up being grossly overtanked, hurting the fleet by reducing overall DPS even while making the ship “look” better.

Fortunately most FCs are wise enough to recognize these weaknesses, they don’t take steps to correct these issues,  they just ignore these pilots and they get picked up by less knowledgable FCs, who tend to accumulate whole fleets of these punch-and-judy types.  This works in favor of the more knowledgable FCs, letting them run sites even faster, and giving them a real advantage when two fleets are competing in the same site.

This is a continuation of the principles of EvE in that the rich get richer, and that stupidity costs isk.  I generally don’t have a problem with this, except when i’m stuck with a stupid FC who thinks that an overtanked, under supported CNR is better than an Abaddon loaded with tracking and webs.

What about Major Kong?

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