Well Ain’t That Jist Speshul

So this weekend we wanted to do a little PvP.  A friend of ours had gotten on the old bat-phone and called for help.  Seeing as he was someone I actually like in-game and it looked like it could be fun.  Lots of help, decent opposition, even a WH can be fun under the right circumstances.  We worked out a clever little plan to interdict the WH entrance and waited.

The first mistake was mine.  I didn’t read the dates right.  I thought the op was going down saturday/sunday night.  It was actually Friday/Saturday (late time necessitated by the fact that we had all times zones incorporated,)   As a result of that and a date on my part, we had only one person make the POS Reinforcement operation.

Oh… Did I say reinforcement?



K-Fed your new boat is here:

The anti-loveboat.

A lot more than that got destroyed.  I haven’t been able to track down all the killmails.  Turns out our enemies forgot to put stront in.  I had just put up a staging POS, so I spent a while the NEXT day taking it down as our services weren’t needed.  It was ok, our wardec against them was going live!  277 man alliance against TFHC!  277 on 10!  Surely we can get some fights!


Nothing.  After watching ships stream across the spaceways of empire for days, NOTHING.  We got a group roam from Amarr to Jita.  Then I went to Dodixie, Rens, and back to Amarr.



I run locates?  “Out of range, out of range, out of range” all hiding in their wormholes.  From The Fancy Hats Corporation.


Here let me make it easy on you http://evewho.com/corp/The+Fancy+Hats+Corporation


You’ve got all our stats.  It wasn’t hard to find, I pretty much advertise our capabilities here.  Apparently it was too much for Krautz-Federation.  They turtled up and hid.  The closest we get to a “gem” from the steaming turdpile comes from Apex Bex, our plucky Australian friend who had this wit to add when confronted about his decision to defend his wormhole:

limitt maik > your perseverance is so stupid

Apex Bex > Would you not defend what you consider to be yours?

Apex Bex > This isn’t Poland, you can’t just goose step in and take over.

Frankly this bunch of Germans couldn’t goose step into Luxembourg, They might have trouble with the Hellen Keller School for the Blind Death Mutes football team.

Congrats K-Fed.

You make THESE guys look good.

I’m done.  There’s more I could say, but really once you say 28:1 and not even trying you’ve said it all.

I'm using it every time I can







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