Why can’t I have that much fun?

First I’m gonna like a video from Synnistry’s youtube page.

Now I enjoy EvE.  I have fun with it and I do feel I’m a part of the community.  In that delusional “I’m kind of a big deal” way.  It’s rare that I have on occassion in EvE that has my giggling and grinning like crazy at my computer like Synnistry seems to all the time.

I started playing with Sualah (GF) and trying to both give her perspective on things and let her find the enjoyment of EvE.  I’m not doing well.  I’m torn between the desire to show her how amazing and BIG EvE can be and the desire to let her get the sense of achievement for herself.  The down side of being jaded is it is a LOT harder to express how much you like it without expressing your reservations.

That being said it puts a LOT of things in perspective for me.  Level 1s can be really hard for a day old character, especially with the resources you have and the knowledge you have.  Now I know why I started mining.  I ended up spending several million getting her a decent mission-fit merlin, then again your capabilities expand SO fast at the beginning she may not even need it in a couple days when she gets another chance to play.

Fancy Hats are still chugging along, Incursions have exploded into a drama circus, nothing terribly exciting though I do have a few fun drafts to play with so hopefully I can be more interesting next week.

What about Major Kong?

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An Eve playing Fool who occasionally writes about the shenanigans he and his minions get up to.

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  1. I take the following approach with new players when I have your dilemma:

    I offer to explain things to them, or offer youtube resources and the like, but I don’t tell them too much about anything unless specific questions are asked. EvE is alot to take in even over several months, but the natural tendency for experienced players is to try to compress all that knowledge into a few hours.

    Just take a step back. Let them take the lead and figure things out. Someone who asks a question about everything isn’t playing, isn’t having fun, isn’t exploring or figuring things out, and that’s a huge part of enjoyment that that person will miss out on. If they get really stuck, or have trouble finding resources, offer the resources for long winded/ in depth explanations, but short explanations feel free to give yourself.

    Never ever give a player ISK though unless they are about to quit. You have to keep the player in the addiction zone. Too much positive reinforcement and they come out of addiction. Too much negative reinforcement, and same problem. EvE will naturally provide most of the intermittent reinforcement, you just need to be there to mitigate the really bad or really good spells.

    I find that this works pretty much all of the time. The once or twice I’ve attempted to “show how big and amazing EvE can be, it’s overloaded the person causing them to disappear from my radar.

    • I’m usually sitting next to her when I play. I literally have to sit on my hands to keep from grabbing and taking over, letting her make a few mistakes so she can see why things happen a certain way.

  2. Ohhh. That changes things quite a bit.

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