EvE Online: Predators

So in honor of last week’s International talk like a pirate day we will give you some more pirate content.  Namely:  Pirate faction ships and my ideas for an EvE Expansion.

Coming: Next Never

Big Feature:  Redoing the Pirate Factions to give all the Main Racial combinations

Right now we have:

  • Blood Raider:  Amarr/Minmatar
  • Angels: Minmatar/Gallente
  • Sansha:  Amarr/Caldari
  • Guristas: Caldari/Gallente
  • Serpentis:  Gallente/Minmatar
So the six combinations possible are:  Amarr/Caldari, Amarr/Gallente, Amarr/Minmatar, Caldari/Gallente, Caldari/Minmatar, and Gallente/Minmatar
Of these we have 4, with Gallente/Minmatar being double tapped, and Caldari/Minmatar and Amarr/Gallente being absent.
My first inclination is to change Angels to Caldari/Minmatar, I just don’t feel the Gallente impact that much in their ships, and in general feel that you don’t have to change a lot to make them more Caldari-ish.  Really they are massively high-end Minmatar anyway.
Amarr/Gallente ships (Empire of Man) oh ho ho.  People have been wanting these guys for a while.  Sleek black and blue ships, pirate faction, I see them as enhanced Amarr slot layout / base stats with Hybrid/Armor Resist bonuses.  Armor Resist/Tracking bonuses for Amarr/Gallente skill.  Role bonus to damage.  The big issue would be to separate them from Serpentis ships.  Making a EOM Apoc or Abaddon that has virtually identical stats to a vindi might LOOK awesome, but doesn’t do much for the game.  So lets change it around.  8-4-7 slot layout (1 more high than a bhaal, 1 less mid than a vindi) with a bhaalgorn’s HP/Resists, I see it creating a ship that is designed for pure tank and spank.  While it won’t have the ability to shield tank like the notorious Shield Vindi fits, at least not as well, it does have the ability to fit a far nastier tank due to its enhanced base HP, and armor resist bonus.  The Vindicator has an advantage with its webs, and raw DPS output that it is capable of with shield tanking being possible.  4 mids does not allow the EoM BS to really shield tank.
On down the line to cruiser and frigate expect similar ships, with a sleek omen pressing the Deimos completely out of viability with a tough tank and solid DPS, and a tormentor filling out the lineup at the bottom end.
But that’s not all, we will FINALLY get the long desired, hardly expected Faction BCs.  Blood Raiders get a Prophecy model with neuting and Laser bonuses, Sansha get a custom spike machine with a drake-like tank, lasers, and probably a world of cap problems, Angels get a Hurricane model customized by trimming down the panels, adding the smoothed protrusions in their place, and changing the paint scheme.  Serpentis get a brutix from hell.  You know you will want one.  Guristas get a drake model that quickly becomes the must-have missioning ship due to its incredible tank, great drone bay and some missile launchers.  I will still hate it.  EoM get a custom design, something to put on the splash screen for our login for 6 months, sleek, black and intimidating, maybe a catamaran or trimaran design.  Somewhere between the Amarrian solidity and the sleekness of the Angel Cartel ships, the hybrid turrets should seem to emerge naturally from the hull, and the tank should be impressive.
Finally a new, large sized region will be added to EvE.  Sandwhiched between Lonetrek and Placid, and stretching towards venal, Imperator will be a mixed lowsec/nullsec region, with EoM bases, agents, missions and madness for all.  It will be NPC null where it is null, preventing it from being claimed.
Iterative development will be focused on a new medium sized true nullsec region with EoM as the rats, claimable by players with enough value to be fought over but not the most valuable.

What about Major Kong?

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