A Brief History of Corelin Part 2: From Chaos Comes Order

January of 2008 blossomed with the bright light of promise, as we continued our merry carebear ways, in blissful innocence.  Then we got a funny notice.

Chaosfromorder has declared war on Radikus Industries. Hostilities may begin in 24 hours.

It looked rather ominous, certainly we had a say in this!  We immediately docked up and started researching wardecs, and pvp.  We were clueless, panicked, and generally a MESS.  We had offers to join an alliance, but initially spurned them.  We knew we could take care of ourselves.  They weren’t that big and we had right on our side.

Right counts for very little in EvE.

Our first fight we tried the frigate swarm idea.  CHFOR doesn’t post their kills or losses to deny intel.  We simply didn’t know about killboards.  As a result its hard to check, but I recall our fleet having about 8 people and we thought there were 3 of them in station, it turned out to be more like 6.  Only a pair show on my griffon loss (without an actual ECM mod >.<) but it was a worthy effort by our meager standards.

This proved rather conclusively that we did not have the organic ability to fight them ourselves.  We joined an alliance, The Last Stand.  They promised to bring organization and capabilities we didn’t have to the fight, and we had already flown with them in the past and were deeply impressed with their abilities.

My next serious attempt to fight we charged into Amarr.  We hadn’t been there before for some reason I always hauled minerals from Gosalav to Jita rather than Amarr.  We fared no better, being wiped out in exchange for no kills.  By this time morale was not sinking so much as flying down, in flames.  People were dropping corp or not logging in.  We lost nearly all of our leadership, and many people dropped out of the game entirely.

On top of this real life managed to crap all over me by means of a field mission for the army.  When I came back things had changed substantially.

What about Major Kong?

About Corelin

An Eve playing Fool who occasionally writes about the shenanigans he and his minions get up to.

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  1. Wait, you were in The Last Stand at some point? … indeed, you were.

    Small world!

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