A Brief History of Corelin 3: Sandboxes don’t mix

I came back from the swamps of scenic Ft. Polk to find my friends had mostly given up.  A few of the closest were still plugging away, and the war was over thankfully.  Lots of drama was emerging, I’ll give a brief summary here, but really it’s not my story.

A guy named R3dskull had been very welcoming when some of our guys started playing in lowsec around Faswiba.  I’d had a few conversations with him, and others were equally friendly or more so.  he seemed like a guy giving good advice.  Come to find out he’d gone into a paranoid rage and decided to have us wardecced and griefed out of the game because we were spying on him and trying to drive him out of his home.  I’ll leave it to Star to tell the full story as, while I have heard enough to earn him my undying enmity I want to make sure the facts are presented more correctly than I can present them.

Not the last time we’d run into this kind of character.

End result:  I’m drifting around, chatting with the friends I have, and I try out providence.  I finally had the skills to actually do something out there so I took the trip out.  My perception of CVA was this incredibly powerful unstoppable force that happened to have chosen to use its powers for good instead of evil, rather than them being a bunch of prats who occupied nearly worthless space and could mostly fend off the few people interested enough to try to blob their way through their towers.

I mostly drifted around, trying new (pve) things, running L4s, sometimes even on my own, sometimes with friends who drifted in and out trying to recapture the magic majesty we had found when first we played, and preparing for my second trip to Iraq.  I arranged for a friend to take care of my skill training as I did not expect to have much internet access and even less time.

Next Part:  What’s all this PvP about Anyway?

What about Major Kong?

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An Eve playing Fool who occasionally writes about the shenanigans he and his minions get up to.

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  1. I’ll have to expand some more on the R3DSKULL Saga especially since you called me to it. (WARNING: This is rather long.)

    See, where it got really interesting and the gloves came off was when R3D and his CCCPi dec’d RDK That’s when what we pretty much knew was 100% confirmed. And the big issue R3D had was actually John. And indirectly, too. Via Larry (aka Krenshala). Krenshala and M’ing Pai had connections (former corpmates, iirc).

    Krenshala’s presence in RDK and RDK’s potentially joining TLS and moving to Faswiba was enough to turn R3DSKULL into a Class A dick.

    He saw Mofa constellation (Faswiba and Zanka) as his own personal little kingdom at th time (even if he was mostly absentee). As you said, it turned out he hired CHFOR to chase us off. As I recall, that fact was pretty well established.

    But he certainly played up the part early on. When the first CHFOR War began, we weren’t yet in Mofa at all. As I mentioned previously, we had just started a move to the Dodixie area to pull some Gallente missions instead of the constant diet of primarily RSS we had been getting. When it looked from KB research that I conducted that they were from that area, we figured it was nuisance dec for the stickout targets that had a slight tendency to fly shiny.

    No one had a clue to the truth.

    Really, TLS wasn’t even for certain something we were definitely going to do. So, yeah, Matt Olsen had put his main character into Forsaken Resistance, and we had also parlayed our friendship with those folks into the ability to fly with them out in Provi some. But honestly, I’m by no means certain we would’ve gone to Mofa and joined TLS if the CHFOR wardec had never happened.

    So the dec landed, and we started making some plans – including the frigate swarm (which I never had the opportunity to participate in), and moved to Faswiba.

    It was a little while after that that R3D showed up. He was billed – and talked himself up – as a friend, and a powerful one capability of flying the mighty capital ships. At first, all we ever saw of him was he’d fly around in a Caldari AF a lot (I’m pretty sure the Hawk), doing some ratting and dispensing what seemed like decent advice for the war.

    When CHFOR War Part 2 began and they started showing up in the vicinity of Faswiba, we were pretty certain – supposedly he’d told TLS leadership – that if they (CHFOR) actually came in, he’d help with capships. When it came to actual fights, tho, I doesn’t seem it turned out that way. I know his carriers hit the field at one station action in Faswiba, but I don’t believe they actually engaged, only repped (some TLS guys, that is). I wasn’t there, so couldn’t say for certain. And he had no presence at all at the one big gate engagement where TLS caps were on the field (two carriers and a Rev, from Virtual Warriors – a nullsec corp that’d joined TLS very recently as well). That’s an engagement that, now I think about it, may have not been what it seemed.

    IIRC – and I may not, mind you – I think only RDK ships suffered losses. Myself, Matt … (I think it was Matt, might’ve been one of the others). At the time, it just seemed like CHFOR was smashing and burning whatever it could before fleeing in the face of the caps … but if it’s true, I have to wonder.

    As you put it in IM, that shit got byzantine.

    Not that I think TLS leadership had a role in it, at the time, but … if so, it was a definite clue. And Byzantine is a good word for it.

    I’d love to look at the record of engagements and see who else lost what, and when, in that war. Could be interesting … Anyway, the war sure seemed to stagnate after that (the fight with the caps, that is). I think CHFOR let it go not long after that. But it was also marked by a chilly change in a) R3D (first started showing his true colors), and b) how TLS regarded RDK.

    I think it was about this time R3D let his cat out of the bag into TLS leadership ears, and it wasn’t much longer after that before RDK was kicked from TLS (and I do recall we were kicked). I think others just left, VW – the cap fliers – being one(headed back to null). Death’s Embrace left around that time, as well. Which bummed me, because he was without doubt my favorite from the old TLS crew.

    Okay … so, things soured, and we were kicked. It was right after that – and I really don’t think it a coincidence, either – that R3D and CCCPi dec’d RDK. As I recall, they got a couple kills, but that was it. We turtled, and I think they didn’t even carry it out longer than maybe a week or two. I think a total of maybe 3-4 pilots attempted to prosecute it at all … but then, I think that was because it was closer to the total strength of their corp than that’s all that could leave low.

    And also remember, R3D was a huge dick of a roleplayer, which was why his whole thing about John’s M’ing. He was HUGELY anti-pie. Not that I would’ve called us any different, back in the day. TLS was, as well, and I know I bought into that whole thing with no hesitation (until John taught me much differently in later months and years).

    But anyway, that pretty much marked the end of the whole sordid affair, save to say – as you pointed out – that it left RDK in a sorry state. That was when involvement started to dwindle. We lost Dave – who was probably our best pvper at the time, Matt notwithstanding – and Marvin started to trail off then as well. The Olsen bros. did what they did, as did Tyson. Jay was just starting his run into the game, and we started picking up the Austin crew right then as well.

    Tyson hung on for a little while, but it was off and on at best. Nick wasn’t far behind him, either, sadly. After that, the history becomes separated enough that I can’t really speak to it.

    As we started to bleed the old-timers, the rest just didn’t want to stick with it. Not that I didn’t make a TON of effort to try and keep something together, but when folks just don’t log in it’s a losing proposition. That was the first time I found myself more or less stuck in that position, but certainly not the last.

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