A Brief History of Corelin Part 4: Dare to be Bold

I came back from Iraq with many many more skill points, a changed outlook on life and a lot of time to kill.  For 4 months or so after the deployment there was really nothing to do.

So I played EvE.  A lot.  My first stop was Zitek, a corp many of my friends had joined in one capacity or another.  One of the oldest corporations in EvE led by some very clever players this was quite an opportunity.  Unfortunately there wasn’t much participation and my friends in Austin were pressing me to join their corp.

TRAPS, not just a ticker.

The Really Awesome Players.  AKA TRAPS.  At the time TRAPS was far and away the most active corp I had been in since before the CHFOR war.  Up until this point I had absolutely 0 PvP experience that didn’t involve me getting clubbed like a sleeping baby seal.  On the 8th of August 2009 I broke my cherry.  The unfortunate Belezebub fired at my Harpy and in return lost his Vexor.  I was hooked.  I went on an absolute spree, losing very little and murdering the innocent can-miners around Tash-Murkon Prime.  When the wardecs hit, we were the ones doing the deccing and our tactics were far in advance of those that our opponents used.

I was thrilled, I was intoxicated, I was ecstatic.  The high I got from these kills was simply incredible, the adrenaline rush, the heart rate peaking, it was simply incredible.  Unfortunately things trailed off rather fast for TRAPS.  The actual leader was something of a jerk.  It was actually a large part of his appeal, but it could backfire, and it did.  We lost several key members and Nexa was logging in less and less, to the point where it came time to make a change.  The change I made was to start my own Corp.  A bunch of us were sitting around at a coffee shop in Austin, in Fancy Hats, trying to come up with a name as we played EvE.  And so it began.

Haberdashers Run Amok

About Corelin

An Eve playing Fool who occasionally writes about the shenanigans he and his minions get up to.

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  1. I remember that day, the beginning of something great. I was still learning the ropes, but i think my enthusiasm was more then enough fuel to keep you excited about the new Corp!

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