Ut in Intterupt Amet: A cold spell and a snap.

So I tend to roll hot and cold in EvE.  There are times when I could kill a Nyx with 4 noobs in Ibis, and times I could lose said Nyx to belt rats.  The end of September was ugly.  We had a roam with some friends, who were terrible as it turned out and nearly got us all killed, some RL issues, and a LONG spell where I simply couldn’t get in a fight, although this did result in me making a killing on incursions.

At the end of the month I went to raise my PvP flag.  I went canflipping, threw out some wardecs, stalked people in Wormholes.

Wormholes… well… I literally set the alarm clock wrong and missed it.

First wardec?  They turtled in a WH we couldn’t find.

Canflipping… http://tfhc.eve-kill.net/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=10720942 we knew it was a trap, reps couldn’t land on the field fast enough.

Second wardec?  http://tfhc.eve-kill.net/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=10706678 yeah I walked into that one too.

So while I waited for any activity out of the wartargets I went flipping a little ways away.  No bites.  None.  Disheartening and frustrating.  EvE is like that.  A lot.

Wait.  Is that a can belonging to a corp named 101th DETERMINATION INC.?  Lets see, can’t tell the difference between 101st and 101th, corp name IN CAPS, BECAUSE CAPS IS CRUISE CONTROL FOR COOL!  Corp name has a dot in it because… well… DOTS ARE COOL TOO!

So I look around… aha…. daredevil… T2 guns?  hmmm… no… in fact… that looks like a railgun… and a blaster…. FLIP

He orbits me, I keep at range, web, scram drop drones and start hammering.  His damage was anemic, I never went under peak recharge… on my shields… in an armor ishkur.


I love the smell of fail in the morning.  It smells like… victory.


But hey while I’ve got some momentum going lets see if the wartargets want to play!

(Spoiler:  They do)


2x Domis, and a curse, against a Hyperion, a Tempest, and a Drake.  Pretty close fight in my book, edge to us on Curse vs. Drake, Domi x 2 would normally be at a disadvantage against a Hype and a Pest.  We had neutral eyes on who maneuvered to give me a warpin in my gank Dominix.  I landed, agressed, full DPS, let him agress and then tried to jam him (hey its a utility slot, I thought I was clever.  No it never worked) Drake was already on grid, the rest of our fleet landed and then their pest landed.  We had all DPS, and neuts from our other Domi and Curse on the Hyperion which went down grudgingly.  The Pest was Tracking Disrupted and tackled by our other Domi, which soon drew our full attention as the Hype went down in a bright blue blast.

My armor was full of holes and structure was in my future as we turned on the Pest.  He melted satisfyingly fast as a Gank Domi with neuting support can do a TON of damage as hardeners get turned off.  The pest exploded and the triple webbed Drake was not far behind.  I was at 70% structure, and on fire, but alive and QUITE satisfied.

I'm on FIRE! And definately not cold anymore.

We congratulated each other, put up GFs in local for a very good, hard fought fight, and scooped the loot to head out.

Reviewing the fits there’s some things I like and some things I don’t.  The Hyperion fit is the traditional Dual-Rep fit, but with medium boosters, and medium drones.  With less than 700dps on the field and a tank that is a little higher, but requires cap boosters to run, it is hard for me to like this fit.  It does manage to cram 87k ehp into the fit even with the dual rep setup, so its not that its poorly tanked, but its anemic DPS and low resists are a serious hindrance in the absence of neuting.  With neuts on the field this ship is going down.

Turning to the Pest.  I like the fit.  I like it a lot.  Lack of tackle is a negative, but they had two tacklers on the field and its a skirmish fit.  Sitting around 30km hammering away with over 900 DPS with my skills this ship looks NASTY.  However he warped in on top of his buddies and got tackled by a pair of domis, one with neuts, one with blasters, and a curse on the field.  If he goes for the curse he probably kills it, If he stays at range he at least escapes.  By coming in point blank he REALLY hinders himself.

Also his ammo selection.  EMP is the wrong ammo to bring to a gunfight,  I like Phased Plasma a LOT more.  My domi would be gone if he had that.

The drake is a drake.  I don’t know what you expect at this point from drakes.  It’s dead, the pilot did VERY well in the situation, but again the Curse probably should have climbed up on his target list.

Good fight, lots of fun and hope to see more of these guys.

What about Major Kong?


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An Eve playing Fool who occasionally writes about the shenanigans he and his minions get up to.

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  1. Vincenzo DiFrancesco

    So, basically, you’re saying they should’ve killed me? 😛

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