A Brief History of Corelin Part 5: This Corp Shit Ain’t Easy

Fancy Hats started humble.  Barely a handful of people, mostly noobs, and we didn’t set our sights very high.  We were mostly flipping, with the occasional wardec thrown in.  We recruited mostly from people we shot, our main requirement being that they were willing to put up a fight.  For a while things actually went very well.  We picked our targets carefully and maintained a very nice killboard ratio.  We were quite effective at getting people educated in at least some of the fundamentals and it was clear to us that we were the masters of our game.

Most of our people have at least some real-life friends in the corp, which kept us tight, and helped to motivate us during the slow times.  Still, things weren’t all steak and blowjobs.  At first it was pretty much 3 guys, myself, Diesel, and Eljo.  Diesel was a RL friend, Eljo a random guy we had killed who wanted to learn more.  I may have created a monster there.  Diesel was my roommate at the time which led to much hilarity both in and out of game.  Eljo was good for at least one OMGWTFBBQ kill a week, if not every day.

We quickly recruited a few nooblets and instilled in them the fundamentals of EvE PvP and hunted more and more targets.  Eventually we joined an alliance that seemed to offer us the opportunity to take our game out to nullsec.  This may or may not have been a total disaster, it turns out we weren’t on half the blue lists we needed to be and were in the path of some kind of an invasion.  Our diplo got popped and podded by people who were supposed to be blue to us and when we took it to our alliance leader he basically said “Tough Shit,”

We tried to help them, but their own stupidity doomed them and the high point for us was self-destructing the ships of the alliance leader to prevent them being captured.  It made us a little isk.

Limping back into empire we licked our wounds and decided to start a little smaller.  We joined another alliance, this one was slightly more stable, and far, far more conservative in its desires.  While we wanted to take the long road to nullsec dominions, we also knew that it was a long, long road and that there were no shortcuts.

We established ourselves in a wormhole, and started up our normal shenanigans.  We also invaded some other wormholes and tried for pew pew in them.  We had two events happen here that really soured me on the game for quite a while.  In one event my friend Diesel took some things that were said in one room, that we understood to be a pub room with no super secret squirrel info in it, and mentioned it outside the room.  Now he might have been expected to know that it wasn’t for public release, but still if it was that secret it shouldn’t have been said.

The guy that said it was really pissed because it could potentially have endangered one of his plans (it didn’t) and started some e-peen waving drama, which my friend got involved in and myself and my diplo ended up having to pour oil on troubled waters.

Then some real shit happened.  During a wormhole op my nooblets somehow got it in their head that our allies who were running things were going to turn on them and kill them.  I’m not sure how they got this idea, and frankly it was more than a little ridiculous.  They pulled out of the wormhole taking the scanning alt with them.  My other friends in the alliance managed to escape, but they were righteously pissed.

I tried to smooth things over, I wasn’t in the wormhole when it happened, and I feel that it is a leader’s obligation to try to protect his subordinates from their own mistakes, but they had gone beyond what could be excused or forgiven.  However without them I simply didn’t have the manpower to continue running the corp.  I was the only one regularly logging in and decided it was time to give up the corp for a while and head out to nullsec.

What about Major Kong?

About Corelin

An Eve playing Fool who occasionally writes about the shenanigans he and his minions get up to.

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