Sov, Sov, Sov

A pair of things have combined to make me write this post.

  • First:  Ripard Teg of Jester’s Trek made a very eloquent post on the subject of Time Dilation and why it’s good/bad for EvE.
  • Second:  A large group of my friends have headed for Nullsec under the Ushra’Khan banner
So on the one hand we have CCP making an improvement that won’t have any long term effect because fleets will expand to fill the lag.  My friends keep asking me (and the other members of my corp) to go with them.  I have no hesitation when I say “Thanks, but no thanks,”
I’ve spent time in losec, nullsec, WH, and of course empire.  I hate wormholes, I dislike nullsec, I’m meh on Empire and lowsec.  Enjoyment in EvE comes from accomplishments and companions.  Putting those aside let’s look at what I like and don’t like about nullsec.
Like –
  • Moneymaking is easy.  You can do it just about anywhere.
  • Things are either safe or they aren’t, and if you pay attention there’s no need to worry about how safe you are, it is a simple binary set.
  • The pilots you tend to fly with are usually quite good
  • You have the most dedicated leadership possible
  • You can use Caps
Dislikes –
  • Mandatory Ops
  • Shooting Structures
  • Shooting Structures on Mandatory Ops
  • Alarm Clock Ops
  • Most fleets are too big to really have an effect on the battle unless you are simply totally fail
  • Leadership has their own agenda which may or may not have YOUR interests as a factor.
  • When you lose, you can lose BIG.  I’ve got 4 ships and hundreds of millions of isk sitting in stations I no longer have access to.
  • Markets are poor and logistics are complicated
  • Half the time you put together a small roam it seems you whiff and find nothing, the other half you run into someones 200 man fleet.
To me lowsec is where you go to try to prove yourself.  And before the snarky commenters from my last alliance come in, yeah we really covered ourself in glory in Aridia.  However most of my guys would be very successful at the type of PvP you see in Null.  In Null you have to follow directions, fit your ship right and hope the FC isn’t a total fuckup.  You feel like a cog in a machine.  Believe it or not I don’t want that.  I can get that on drill weekends at the fort.

This should be my PvE, not my PvP

I spent months in Scalding Pass.  I’ll be telling the whole story in my next “Short History of Corelin” blog that no one seems to be reading.  Let me break down nullsec fights in those days.  Jump the gate, align somewhere, FC warps you to the cloaky alt that has a warpin a LONG way away from the enemy fleet.  Shoot the primary, be ready to switch to the secondary, snipe back and forth and hope you don’t get primaried or aren’t bubbled when you see all the yellowboxes.

You didn't run away in time. Noob

Fits have changed, logistics ships are a much more important part of the fleets now, but fleets are even bigger giving rise to the “Alpha” fleets that you see now, and frankly bashing sov structures while waiting for a 1200 man fleet to land on me sounds like even less fun than taking a PT test, getting a root canal, an enema, and then going on a 15 mile ruck march.
I prefer lowsec, I prefer empire, I don’t prefer wormholes.  I like being able to get away and get my stuff at some point.  At this point in my EvE career I assume the failcascade and inevitable defeat at the hands of overhwelming forces.  Probably Russian.

They are coming for you. And so are their friends.

So again, thanks but no thanks.  I’ll stick to lowsec where a 100 man fleet is HUGE, and even 50 is really goddamn big.  While I get my guys ready for that, I’ll recruit and stick to empire where you can have a ton of fun with just three guys in your fleet.

What about Major Kong?

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  1. Is it the lack of comments that is bugging you, or the actual lack of followers (which likely only you can see)? No comments doesn’t mean no one is reading it, just that people may not have anything to say in response to a post.

    My blog went for almost a year before anyone was reading it. Maybe it sucked up to that point, maybe I did a poor job advertising it, who knows? Ultimately though, I wrote because I enjoyed writing, and I think any writing venture not centered around the enjoyment of writing about a particular subject is doomed to failure.

    • Oh no its the number of views. They are way down from my normal blog posts. I’ll still finish the series but yeah I’m going to mix in more “normal” posts as well.

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