A Short History of Corelin 6: Slaughtering Sacred Cows

Having gutted my own corp, I decided to strike out and try nullsec.  I had a carrier, although I couldn’t use it for much, and I had plenty of money to buy the ships needed for null.  I pimped myself out on the forums and found a new home in Sons of 0din, a member of Cult of War (COW).  COW was an Atlas pet and one of the three inhabitants of Scalding Pass.  Together with Primary. and Gentlemen’s Club we held the area with the support of Atlas and AAA.

I arrived out there just as the Supermax campaign train of fail was kicking off.  For those not familiar with it, IT, Atlas, and all the pets, renters, and mid-rate alliances in the south camped the NCs home system and got thoroughly whelped for reasons that I wont go into here.  I never made it in, all our bridges were at the wrong TZ for me.  So I ended up missing that campaign and instead running around Aunenenenenenenenen killing random people.

Next I got all my stuff back to Scalding Ass and proceeded to make money on a pretty comfortable scale.  Ratting in a carrier was sexy isk.  Our PvP consisted of small to medium roams, with occasional large fleets going out for reasons way above my pay grade.  FOTM was snipe BS for the big roam, plated ships with huge EHP buffers and long range guns.  Smaller roams centered around Snipe HACs and BCs.  There was a lot of drunken roaming going on.  We had one that ended only after we realized that we had missed the last four kills because we had no ships left with a point and the bad guys were simply warping off.

It was fun, and I learned lots.  Things were look up, we had several supercaps, and more were building, internal drama was completely invisible to the rank and file.  The large scale fights, usually under members of all 3 of the SA alliances continued, and they were, frankly the most onerous thing about the alliance.  The usual Timeline was

  • 1 hour before CTA time (CTA – 1h): Log in, get on comms, get in the right ship
  • CTA-30m: Fleet is up, get in fleet start moving
  • CTA-10m:  Fleet is assembled in the right system
  • CTA:  Fleet is still waiting for more people
  • CTA+10m:  Still waiting
  • CTA+30m:  Waiting on a bunch of logis who can’t tell time
  • CTA+1h:  Start moving to the titan bridge
  • CTA+75m:  Scout died, wait on a new scout to go out
  • CTA+90m: Bridge to the scout, start shooting whatever we are shooting at.
  • CTA+120m:  Reds bring something out, we start shooting.  Ships die.
  • CTA+180m:  Fleet is either dead or mission is accomplished.  Fleet breaks up.
So about 4 hours to get to the point where you can log out of what frankly felt more like work than play,
Then we started getting attacked by this new alliance, TEST.  We ignored them.  They really didn’t do much.  Their friends in Goons however, they did a lot.  Cursed alliance, who gets 0 credit for the campaign, actually brought most of the ships from the killmails I can find.  Many of us lost multiple ships per engagement.  We got hammered.  In one fight in J2 -PZ6 we got hammered by a fleet pretty much the same size as ours.  The difference is they had RR Domis and guardians providing logistics support.  We had a couple carriers and 3 guardians.  3.  in a fleet that was over 220.  I lost my Rokh, reshipping to a Brutix (snipe fit, FOTM FTW) and ended up calling targets because all 3 of our FCs were scrambling to find a ship to stay on the field because the spies were all over us.  I lost my brutix and pod to a bomma strike, and while I was reshipping to my carrier our leadership told everyone to GTFO if they could.
That was the end of organized resistance.  We knew they were after the CSAAs and we knew that we couldn’t stop them without help from AAA and Atlas.  COW + Primary. + GC did not come close to matching Cursed + Goons + the nascent Test.  After the CSAAs were down we started rebuilding, training up pilots and FCs to be able to handle ourselves.  Then Primary. failcascaded.  Roughly 2 seconds later our own leader announced that he had decided to step down and since Atlas didn’t know or trust anyone else in the alliance we could expect to be ejected and the race to empire was on.
It was actually very well organized, and a minimum of stuff would be left behind, but I still have a snipe mega, an eagle, and a snipe ferox sitting in AZ3.  Not really in much of a hurry to get them back.  Relics of a bygone era.
I headed back to empire and tried out Legiunea R0mana.  The stench of fail was everywhere.  They were a awful mess.  I was in and out so fast I couldn’t even steal much.  Fortunately I didn’t lose anything either.  Back in empire again for the second time in 2 months I decided what I needed was fun.  Fun and a Fancy Hat.

What about Major Kong?

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