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In the course of the last month CCP has undertaken a remarkable change of direction.  From the high-handed arrogance that contributed so much to the summer of rage the latest devblog by Hilmar was an enormous change in tone.  His humble, simple, matter of fact statement doesn’t leave as much room for interpretation and is a long way from the doublespeak ridden, high handed, maniacally laughing tone of his posts during the summer of rage.

I wont give much of a rundown of the post.  It is a bit long but it’s well worth reading.  I will hit the highlights.

We also didn’t do enough to assure you that this wasn’t the beginning of a “pay to win” scenario in EVE. Let me be blunt: Unless the MMO business changes radically, our virtual goods strategy for EVE Online will remain limited in scope and focus on vanity items, or as we said after the CSM visit this summer: The investment of money in EVE should not give you an unfair advantage over the investment of time.

People are complaining over the caveat here.  I can understand being a bit wishy washy over it.  Put simply, the reason they have to put it like that is that they are caught between two fires.  They have to be honest and transparent with the playerbase.   On the other hand they have to acknowledge that if the industry standard changes, they have to follow it.  It’s that simple.

The rest of the first few bits is basically apologizing and acknowledging the various fuckups CCP has made over the last few weeks.  In addition they acknowledge the many voices they have heard from the playerbase regarding what needs to be done.

The other big part of CCP’s one-two punch was the related devblog.  I saw this and said “I’m buying 10 ishkurs,”  Hybrid boost + 4th AF bonus.  Hell yes.  My little boat of overcompensation just got a new lease on life.  Everything on this list with a few exceptions is something LONG overdue from CCP.  The exceptions, in my not so humble opinion, are T2 rigs, a new font, and new captains quarters.  I’m not saying we don’t need a new font (we do) or that the new captains quarters shouldn’t be out already (they should) but they aren’t related to EvE Online.  A new font can be found anywhere on the internet.  Google “high tech font” and tell me what you get for responses.  I’m betting its enough to fill a book on bad font design.  Captains Quarters… Yeah it should already be out or better yet it shouldn’t be a factor.  Period.  The coding is clearly terrible given that I cook dinner by turning CQ on and leaving a skillet on my heat sink for 20 minutes.  If Establishments ever come out and someone else shows up in my CQ I expect my computer to melt through the desk like a thermite grenade.

All of this should take a back seat to A) Fixing old content, B) Fixing old content, C) Balancing old content, and D) Fixing old Content.  Let me give you some examples:

  1. AF Bonuses
  2. Hybrid Balancing
  3. FW udpates
  4. Supercap Balancing
  5. Rest of the Ewar drones/rebalancing

Oh look!  They made it!  It’s Christmas in December!!!  wait….

What about Major Kong?


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  1. It’s amazing how fixing and balancing old content will actually reinvigorate the game. Maybe Gallente won’t be nigh useless, maybe Gallente will be the new Amarr, maybe Minmatar will fall of out favor. Maybe new fleet doctrines will be thought up when those happen, and make a no-change expansion feel like a massive change.

    • I see Amarr continuing to dominate in large fleets due to the raw EHP and higher potential resists they can get. With the right boost to Gallente I see them becoming a real factor in smaller gangs due to self reps and raw DPS potential.

      I don’t see this as being a no-content expansion. I see this being a “We got you what you asked for for Christmas,” expansion. I asked for a Kindle, not an iPad. I don’t care that you think the iPad is better, it’s not what I asked for, and I have my reasons, you don’t need to improvise and spend 4 times the money on something I didn’t ask for.

      CCP is finally getting us the simple, inexpensive stuff, not the shiny garbage.

  2. Spot on blog, and I like the jaundiced take. Different from what I’ve seen on the others (Rixx, Jester, et.al), and that makes another good piece of the puzzle.

    The commentary above – that’s an interesting point … but I don’t think it’s really the best comparison (Kindle v. iPad). The problem is this – yes, the iPad’s certainly shinier than the Kindle, and that’s accurate re: asking for FiS and getting CQ/WiS instead; BUT … the comparison ends there, because there’s nothing the Kindle does that the iPad (or another tablet) can’t basically do to go along with the shininess.

    See, here’s how I’m seeing it (still don’t know what combo of toys fits this description and I’ve been racking my brain for a closer on) … in giving us Incarna/CQ, they gave us something that doesn’t do what we want at all. We wanted FiS … we got bupkis along those lines. That differs from your comparison because, regardless of the relative merits you see in the capability, the tablet pc still can do what the dedicated book-reader can … and a helluva lot more.

    And that’s the crucial difference. In CQ/WiS, CCP isn’t iterating AT ALL on FiS. Just giving us a shiny distraction that doesn’t do as well what we used to have. Kindle vs. iPad would have been a more apt comparison IF you were looking at the former in-station experience versus what we have now – in fact, I think that’d be the PERFECT comparison. Shinier, does what we want it to do (mostly), but not (nearly?) as well as the way we wanted.

    I’m gonna keep thinking on the comparison aspect, tho, because I’m sure there’s a better one.

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