A Brief History of Corelin Part 8: … crom

Fresh off our kill of the Archon we found ourselves in another wormhole hunting more caps.  This one was somewhat less successful with an alarm clock operation that resulted in killing a Phoenix, but with only 2 alliance members on the KM.  We had proven over and over that our heavy hitters could find and execute targets in anything like equal numbers, but we had trouble keeping the “minions” in line.

As March dragged on more and more of our senior leadership was never logged in and totally unresponsive to out of game communications.  More and more things were dependent on myself and one other person.  The alliance had a huge proportion of people who simply never logged in and the smaller corps were bleeding people because no one wants to pay $15 a month to wait for people to start playing again.

After talking it over I made the decision that more or less inevitably resulted in the dissolution of CROM.  We’d lost the junior corps we hoped to bring along, and we’d lost a very promising pvp corp a week prior.  When I left I took the alliance’s 2nd in command (and the real driving force behind anything taking place more than a week in the future) with me.  When the senior leadership started to come back they raged.  They were furious with me for my betrayal, I didn’t handle things as diplomatically as I could have, and frankly I didn’t care that much.  I felt betrayed by the lack of interest that the leadership displayed in not logging in or responding, and was deeply offended that they were as angry as they got over events that happened when they were not logging in.

On the other hand I took more than half the active members of the alliance with me, including the only person with any real administrative skills with me, as well as several people from other corps.  Recruiting from blues is always a brilliant way to make friends eh?

What about Major Kong?

About Corelin

An Eve playing Fool who occasionally writes about the shenanigans he and his minions get up to.

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