Ask and Ye Shall Receive

You can’t always get what you want.  But if you try sometimes.  You might find:  YOU GET STEAMING HOT CHOCOLATY SUPER DEATH!

CCP Games released their latest Dev Blog.  The Capital Ship rebalance/nerf is up for review.

Long story short.  Supercaps now shred caps and don’t touch anything else, while being MUCH more vulnerable due to logoffski not being a viable tactic ever again…  Dreadnoughts suck less and Carriers are still the most versatile ship in the game by FAR.

This will affect most alliances by forcing them to get participation from subcap fleets.  A whelpfleet can now go and hit enemy supercaps with impunity unless those supercaps have they own subcap fleet.  For those unsure how this works:

It's not rocket surgery

This will get debated and adjusted, but the meat of it is:  Dreads are no longer condemned to death by hitting “siege” Supercarriers have fighters and Fightabommas only.  Fighters can hit battleships but nothing smaller.  Brohacs are back.  Titans can only DD capships and larger.  Carriers are gonna get shredded as they just became the most useful ship in EvE.

In other news all the subcap Tech 2 ships just became stupendously more valuable at a time when PL is threatening to try to restrict the supply of T2 mats.  How FUN!

What about Major Kong?



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