Daily Archives: October 12, 2011

A sense of scale

EvE is big. The distances traveled by the average capsuleer in a routine night of playing beggar the imagination.

The average trip in eve is over 10 AU.  1 AU is 8 light minutes or about 89,280,000 miles.   So at 893 million miles per warp you are looking at almost mileage per trip than all American drivers travel combined per day.  By the way that number is about 1.3 billion miles (40 million drivers, 33 miles a day) those 108 AU hops you get all the time in minmatar space? Almost 6 times that in just over a minute. That’s a full work week in minutes.

Don’t even try to factor in stargates. Jumps between the stars travel further than all of mankind’s travel.  Combined.  A trip from Amarr to Jita-mart will cover almost a years travel for the us of a. Just in system travel.

Now some things are weird.  Somehow you always warp through a planet, or the sun.  It is frankly annoying.  There really is no reason for it given how big space is but it is what it is.

None of this means much in-game.  I still think it’s fun to think about.

What about Major Kong?