SiS is back (Tuesday)

So I’m back from my mini-break and a friend’s wedding.  I needed it.  Now back to work.

Ship spinning is back.  I’m excited for it.  What makes MMORPGs better than console games and “social media” games like Farmville is that we actually are social.  I don’t ask you for a cow, I blow you up and take my shiny new cow, or buy it from you.  Even when you aren’t doing much in EvE, the ships in station represents a FAR better option than the door.  It may be the difference between 0 star entertainment and 1 1/2 stars, but it really makes a huge difference.

The Door is depressing.  So are the Doors, but they are much, much cooler.  The door is this totally static, uninteresting thing, that many players are forced to examine due to the bizarrely rough system requirements that WiS has.  By bringing back the wildly popular, and infinitely more interesting “Ship Spinning” option CCP gives back a far superior option to players who do spend a lot of time in station, and don’t enjoy or simply cannot use WiS features.

This will mean that (for example) when I’m doing homework, rather than simply logging out of EvE as the Door depresses me.  This in turn means that when my corpmates need advice, help, someone to talk to, I’m more likely to be around.  This means that I am more likely to help them and participate, which means both of us have more fun in EvE, which makes EvE a better game, leaving me less likely to quit, which, on a macro scale leads to fewer people quitting.  I suspect this makes more money in the short and long-term than monocles.

I know that CCP has a good and reasonable need to test WiS.  From what I’ve seen they need a lot MORE testing and work before I will take it seriously.  That is not a good reason to take away something that hurts the community and the game, and I’m glad to see SiS back.

Evenews24 link on dev blog

What about Major Kong?


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