Umm… Wow

So CCP has come out with a BUNCH of toys for us in the last few days.  Ship spinning is back, the Tornado has been seen at CCP Headquarters, and PI just got more complicated.

Let’s break ’em down in order.

Ship Spinning:  Ho boy.  It’s amazing how excited I am to see this.  Even if my station bar and overview keep shifting position.  I’ve already covered this a few times, but I’ll say it again, making stations more enjoyable does improve the game.  It encourages people who are semi-afk to participate more and to stay logged in.  Burning GPUs doesn’t do this.  Neither does a door.  Seeing my beautiful ship in station does.

The Tornado.  Presumably this comes with BS for all the other factions at all.  It could even become a pirate faction ship.  I’m gonna link to the actual picture that won the contest for you.


Now… I don’t know that the Caldari ship would stay as is.  Honestly I suspect they’d “rebalance” things by making this a new tier 3 or 4 BS, and changing the Scorpion to a pure gank ship bringing it more in line with all the other tier 1 ships (5 launchers, 5 hybrids with bonuses to each to make it a slightly different phoon maybe?)

The most important thing is getting new ships into the game.  EvE is a game of internet spaceships and bringing in more ships is frankly the best way to get more players involved in the complete parts of the game.  I do think that making EvE the most complete Spaceship Simulator will have a great affect on the game population and bring new people in.  When it’s done.  Not before.

Finally the farthest reaching change.  PI in low, null, and Wormhole space is changing.  Big time.

Stop laughing.  I’m being serious.

Structures all need PI fuels.  They are already influenced by a lot of things price wise.  Ask goons to explain ice mining’s economic dynamics sometime.  This will subject all PI production collection to both taxes and complete interruptions of service.  This finally gives smaller gangs a target in Null.  You probably won’t need 50 dreads supported by supers to take down a customs office.  Ideally a gang of 20 or 30 could do it in a reasonable amount of time and a small capship gang could blast a systems full complement fairly fast.

I’ve seen people complaining in Amarr local that it is screwing people.  Change does that.  Screwing is called change, gifts are generally called gifts.  If they ever get given.  If you want an easy game that lets you play on your own with no one messing with your sandbox Hello Kitty Online is that way.  Out the door.

It's GONE!

EvE is multiplayer as no other game is.  Everything you do has an effect on someone.  That is simply the story of EvE.

So what will happen?  Smaller fleets might come back into vogue.  Raiding fleets reinforcing dozens of customs offices, tangling with defense fleets and creating a chaotic environment that will severely limit the utility of 800 man gangs.

I do have some concerns however.  CCP has completely changed the direction they were going as far as company wide development.  I love that they are working on EvE, but is it sustainable, can they deliver what they’ve promised (or even 2/3 of it)?  I doubt CCP is going to commit to a whole lot, but they have to know that iterating on the concepts they are introducing is the only way to fulfill their promises.  Will they do it though?  I think the iteration that has taken place on PI has been as thorough as any that they have ever done, and frankly, most of EvE hasn’t noticed.  Balancing coming to the fore helps a lot.  It needs to be a process not a goal.  Everything will always be unbalanced.

Yes I know I’d complain about steak and blowjobs.  CCP is making progress to deliver on the promises they have made, they are doing it pretty much the way they asked.  When an entity that has been extremely hostile for years completely changes it’s tune I’m suspicious.  I’m a Jew of Russian descent

I'm using it every time I can

who has spent 2 years in Iraq.  Paranoid I might be, but you don’t get old by trusting people.


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