Shark Attack

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What appears to have happened is a bunch of Renters decided that one carrier in a plex is not enough.  6 is about right.  Apparently they were either botting with the worst software ever or AFK plexing.  At some point a red comes in local.  In an Onyx.  This doesn’t IMMEDIATELY trigger everyone to run away somehow.  Maybe they thought it would be a covops hotdrop, maybe they were using terrible botting software, maybe they were just stupid.  Me, I always bet on stupid.

Onyx lands, bubble, cyno, supercarriers, lulz.  Thats what I’m guessing anyway.  I may have my mechanics messed up, I may just be wrong, still WOW were these guys caught with their pants down.

Final tally, 6 carriers and 6 pods.  Ouch.  I’m gonna run down the things that went wrong here.

  1. Ratting with Carriers – I’m not completely against this, it makes a lot of money and if you do it right it can be very safe as well as profitable.  If you do it right, which brings me to:
  2. Do it in a cynojammed system.  Jump Bridge to your safe system and FFS make sure the jammer is up.  It’s hard to get hotdropped when they can’t open a cyno.
  3. Red in local?  DOCK UP! PvE ship vs. PvP ship = dead PvE ships every time.
  4. Not having your full attention on the game outside of hisec.  This gets you killed.

Now let’s look at outcomes

  1. -6 Carriers.  I don’t care who you are, that hurts.  Add in the pods which presumably have some implants in them and you are out well over 6 billion, maybe even 7.
  2. Stirring up activity.  They know someone likes to rat there now.  Think they might be looking for a repeat performance later?  My old alliance called this “Chumming the water” if you throw bloody meat into the water, you get sharks.  Those sharks are probably gonna be in the area for a while.
  3. Depriving your corp/alliance of valuable assets.  A golem has no place in the pvp assets of your alliance.  Trust me.  A carrier does.  In fact carriers should be getting more valuable after the incoming nerf.  Now if you have to defend your space, you just made it a lot harder.
  4. Finally, these guys were all in one corp.  If I were running their alliance they’d be gone.  If I were running that corp they’d be gone (except one of them is the CEO) Shenanigans like this can cause all kinds of problems, mostly because they are easily preventable and because they REALLY hurt.
Actions like this, that are both preventable, and have serious short AND long-term consequences are ruinously stupid.  On the other hand FA did a great job of pulling off a very difficult trap.  Bottom line is that this kind of silliness can REALLY ruin your day, or make it depending on which side you are on.

What about Major Kong?




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  1. These guys have been hot dropping everyone all over the drone region, and yet they still get targets. You are right about chumming the waters, I doubt they will leave any time soon while there are easy kills like this.

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