A Brief History of Corelin Part 9: Who are we Kidding This isn’t Brief

So after leaving Crom and trying to make it on our own we decided to head to lowsec.  After looking around for a while we picked Free Worlds Alliance.  At the time Free Worlds Alliance was one of a quartet of alliances in the eastern half of Aridia.  It seemed the largest and most stable of them.  The leader was a paranoid but pleasant guy named DreadPirateRoberts.  Frankly I don’t blame him one bit for being paranoid.  The history of that region is as low and unpleasant as any in EvE.  Kinda surprising for an area with only one moon of any value.

We fit in well, settling in and going on an absolute TEAR for over a month.  Between the infrequent roams and the Udianoor gatecamp there always seemed to be something going on and we were having fun pretty much all the time.  We had a couple of really good fleet on fleet fights and in general really enjoyed ourselves.  Some of our guys had a BIG series of kills including a 20 billion isk hauler kill.

However some people always want a bigger part of the pie.  A small group of people decided they didn’t like Dread.  He wasn’t particularly good at sharing the credit for success and was fast to assign blame.  He tended to act precipitously and had a hard time admitting mistakes.  The fact that he was extremely knowledgeable about EvE mechanics and a paranoid asshole (In EvE this is a good thing for an Alliance Leader) didn’t count for enough.  Pretty soon there was a backstabbing campaign of character assassination, misinformation and backroom politicking of the worst sort.  A new alliance was formed, and quickly worked its way to blue status with the other three and with Rooks & Kings, who was the real guarantor of Aridia’s stability.  I stuck with Dread.  I was lied to from the outset by one of the leading people in Mayhem. and that is a hard thing to recover from for me.  Not only that I was lied to in a way that was transparent and insultingly stupid.  Assuming I’m an idiot is a fast way to my shit list.

We had a solid core of leaders and could fill all the specialist roles in a fight.  What we didn’t have was numbers.  The one fight we had with Mayhem. was ugly, short, and completely one-sided.  The writing was on the wall, in flashing neon lights.  We packed and left disgusted with everyone involved including ourselves.

Now that the aftertaste of it all has died down I look back positively on my time in Aridia.  I learned a lot and had a lot of fun, and in the end it only cost us a Bhaalgorn.  We got a lot more than that just in fun, let alone the isk from our kills on the gatecamp.  We made some friends, and even considered going back for a brief while.  Lately we have noticed with interest the steady erosion of some of the alliances there.  Mayhem. has lost several key members, FWA is a shell.  Our neighbors in Genesis region, Chain of Cha0s fell apart, and Dark Solar Empire is being real careful where they go with Purple Helmted Warriors, Rooks & Kings and others in Genesis.

My feelings about the people involved are a little more complex.  Except for one.  Lying to me is just a bad idea.  Doing so in a way that assumes I’m a moron and won’t find out is insulting on a personal level.  Ruck Fodgers, you, sir, win the jackass award of the event.  I award you 0 points, and may God have Mercy on your Soul.

Meanwhile, Fancy Hats had an average Sec Status of -9 or so and no hisec home.  We jumped our ships out over three days to a safe harbor, and planned our seccing up.

Seccing up is a pain.  The best way to do it is to find high bounty BS, probably in a belt.  Kill one, move to the next system, and keep doing it.  You only get credit for 1 BS per system, per 20 minute “tick”.  On average it takes around 3 or 4 minutes to go into a system, find a BS, kill it, and move on.  It took us weeks to get enough ships down to get everyone back into hisec.  Some of us are still negative, though not seriously so.

Back in hisec, malaise fell.  People weren’t logging in, the game was flat and New Eden was burning from the missteps of CCP Games.  Other than maintaining skill queues people just weren’t logging in.  Over a month of this had me depressed and annoyed.  As September rolled on we had an interesting opportunity for a wormhole op, that I COMPLETELY fucked up by missing the date on an evemail.  I turned around and started throwing out wardecs.  We had a very good one with Platinum-Tech Industries, where we shredded them for the cost of my Dual-Rep Myrm.  The most satisfying engagement of the war I’ve already written about, but it was a completely one-sided drubbing from start to finish.  In the aftermath of that and CCPs bizarre changes to hisec wars we’ve been considering our next move, which should take place quite soon.

What about Major Kong?

About Corelin

An Eve playing Fool who occasionally writes about the shenanigans he and his minions get up to.

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