We Cannot Allow a Mine-Shaft Gap!

What about Major Kong?

And so it begins…

Leaks from the CCP Express have come so fast that at least 400 of the remaining 480 employees are bailing the ship out with buckets.  About the only thing we don’t have stats on in the weight of Hilmars bowel movements.  CCP is hardly discouraging these leaks, as it seems the only thing that keeps more information from slipping out the holes in the hull is the same information being broadcast in salvoes by determined devs blogging as fast as they can. 

Winter expansion this year looks like it will be a thick one.  It might even rival the Apocrypha expansion for size and audacity.  While it doesn’t add new mechanics and the same number of ships it certainly contains a multitude of ships, modules and a heavy dose of rebalancing of existing ships.  Oh and I’m betting work on it started in earnest less than 3 months ago. 

So where does that leave us?  Well Ripard Teg of Jester’s Trek brought out some heavy information.  In addition we have the estimated Capital Ship rebalancing, giving some real shape to the expansion.  Finally there’s the Customs Houses Let’s look at the old stuff.  Cap Ship rebalances will remove a lot of the utility of Supercarriers.  They will retain their OMGWTFPWNMobile status against capships, as will Titans.  The only Capship with “Shoot-Down” capability will be the Carriers.  Dreads and bigger simply will not be effective against subcaps. 

Effects?  Dreads are still going to die in large numbers, as they are effective only against caps and supercaps and SCs can kill them, however Dreads will see more usage as they are cheaper, Supercarriers are losing a lot of their hit points, and will be easier to kill with the new timer rules, and Dreads only have their feet nailed to the floor for 5 minutes now instead of 10.  Supercarriers will be a lynch-pin in Alliance Strategy, but no longer the currency of kings.  Subcaps will be more important, and combined arms will actually be effective.

Customs Houses.  Small gangs love this one.  I know I do.  Any planet with good resources in low or null can expect to be watched by small gangs looking for a good time.  Alliances with a small number of Lava or Plasma planets (I believe, I honestly would rather play Civ 5 if I’m going to be playing Civ at all) can expect to have a lot of visitors at these planets. 

Finally there’s the new changes.  I’m going to start with my favorites:

  • Blasters get 20% more Tracking.  Close range guns can now hit at close range.  That cash register sound was 1000 Brutixes getting sold at once.
  • Rails get more damage, some use less grid.  That snipe Ferox that Ripard linked a while ago?  The one I actually flew at one point?  It might come out again if I can be arsed to set up good safes.
  • Lots of Tech II modules.  Including gang links.  Right after I spec out of Charisma.  CCP is bugging my computer.
  • Dramiel Nerf
  • Deimos (might) be changing to something other than a total glass cannon.
  • Onieros might turn into a Scimitar-for-Armor rather than an oddity that shows up only in AT. 
  • Destroyers become less useless.  Much less useless.  Broaching into “Useful” territory.

For people scoring at home:  Blasters are going to be big.  So big I am virtually certain that the splash screen for the expansion will be the Talos.  Supported by every Gallente Hybrid boat.

Roaming gangs centered on Blasters with the new Onieros providing simpler logis (a la scimi / shield gangs) will be the new red.  Dramiels are out, Daredevils are in.  If I wasn’t at school I’d be buying one or two.  Star if you read this before I talk to you buy a couple for me.  Hac gangs centered on FAST Diemos with Onis and a decent tank/spank mix will be fun.  Vigis might add to the fun. 

Fleet boosters using T2 gang links will be big.  Especially in Incursions.  Vindicators will possibly replace Macharials as the boat of choice for Incursions as well (If they haven’t already). 

Issues I see:  Gallente will be FotM as much as Minmatar are now.  The Wheel if Time Turns and Ages Pass and all that.  I’m just glad I started Gall Cruiser V last night.  I am not going to be surprised to see Incursion Farming get even razier than it is now.  It is a great way to make money, but unless CCP can inject some “new flavor” into it, it will become the Ramen to my midterm induced frenzy that is my PvP desires.  Not healthy, not enjoyable, just fuel for the machine. 

Finally there is the stuff that got left out.  Blackops BS being the most obvious.  I hope there’s some code optimization on Captains Quarters.  I’ve actually caught myself dropping in once in a while for lulz.  Then my GPU cuts out from heat.  This is on a computer that I leave the side of the case off to blow a large fan on the GPU.  I know that it isn’t a priority, but STOP KILLING MY COMPUTER CCP!




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  1. You tellin’ me my blaster boats are useful once again? Wow … how about that! I guess it was a good thing I refitted and flew out Gankathron #2, heh? Also: Sniper Rohk, here I come! (And I have _have_ some good sniper points … 8-P) DD’s … we’ll see. FOB KAP, if I can find ’em at a good price. Or Isseras, perhaps; stay tuned, newsatleven. Oh, and TANSTAAFL.

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