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Station Games

I Hate station games.  Hate Hate Hate.  The most annoying part of PvP is the collection of chestbeaters an nutjobs who like to throw out wardecs/move to low/roam null, find a station to sit in and blow raspberries out the window like the french soldiers in Monty Python.  When establishments open I’m training Pool Cues to 4, Broken Bottles to 5 and Bar Stools to 5 so I can go into Amarr’s trade station and clean out the riff raff.

Station games aren’t PvP.  They are what people do instead of PvP.  Undocking your buffer tanked BS to shoot at wartargets while your corpmate undocks in a logi to keep you up, redocking when he gets aggro?  Station games.  Never leaving docking range and bragging about your pirate faction ships?  Still station games!  Undocking carriers to hold up your fleet on station?  You guessed it.

There’s all kinds of fixes that have been proposed to fix this kind of thing.  It’s allowable under the game mechanics, and while its annoying you can’t hardly blame people for taking advantage of game mechanics.  They will as long as they game allows them to do so.  It’s similar to suicide gank mechanics.  There’s no penalty for trying it, so why not?

For Highsec wardecs I say we make EvE have consequences for peoples decisions.  I know it is a radical concept but bear with me.  The big concept I want to float is not exactly new, but I think it bears discussion.

If you use a remote repair module on someone with a timer, you inherit their timer.  In addition I’m going to throw a few more wrinkles out there.  If you use Remote Repair modules on a player belonging to a corp with a wardec going, that corp gets a Cassus Belli.  They can choose to activate a wardec with a 4 hour warning.  Not 24 hours.  4.  No vote required, sanction-able action appears immediately in the Corp Politics window.  Is your neutral RR in a noob corp?  Tough noogies son, can’t repair people at war.

For lowsec things get more complicated.  All of the above rules will apply of course, but they lack teeth.  In lowsec people don’t care about wardecs, they can shoot anyway!  The mechanism of putting timers on ships that repair will help.  Aggression timers will keep you undocked for a minute after your repair modules stop, but its a rare gang that can kill a carrier in 60 seconds.  Most of use don’t have a supercarrier on the batphone, or the terrifying might of fleets of BS ready to titan bridge in.

There’s two routes we can go down.  One is saying that any “Active” defensive module, that is repair modules, and possibly even hardeners, cause your timer to extend.  I kind of like this one even though I’d be stuck trying to dock forever with my suitcase on because I’m possibly the worst player anyone has ever seen to have a decent KB history.  The other route is simply to make bigger ships take longer to dock.  Both of these ideas are easy to justify.  Station managers don’t want your hordes of nanite repair bots crawling all over, or the highly energized plating your hardeners create, let alone the static discharge of your shield booster.  On the other hand, have you ever seen a carrier come into port?  It’s not exactly a 5 second process.

I think a scale of docking timers (during which you are unable to activate modules, but still exposed to fire) would be quite interesting to see.  This could be based on the ships BASE signature radius.  Not modified by modules or rigs.  Frigates would be a few seconds, Cruisers around 10-15, Battleships 30, Capships have over 4 times the sig radius of a BS might be out in the cold for a while.  One issue I can find is the possibility of getting bumped out during this timer, and it just punishes people who fly bigger ships.  Quite a bit.

I actually like the first idea more.  It doesn’t punish people for FLYING bigger ships, which is one of the more amazing experiences in EvE for many people, just for flying them in ways that should bear a certain amount of risk.  The concept of risk is key to EvE.  If you undock a ship you consent to the risk of PvP.  If you act to intervene in PvP you are exposing yourself to more risk.  This is hardly a revolutionary concept to EvE, but it is necessary to reinforce it to prevent shenanigans that detract from the heart of the game.

I'm using it every time I can