CCP Marketing vs. Management vs. Community Relations. 3 Departments enter, 2 Leave.

CCP’s Marketing department knows what players like.

CCP’s Management doesn’t

CCP’s Community Relations gets the blame

Go ahead and look at the trailers on CCPs Youtube Channel.  Doesn’t that look like a fun game?  Wouldn’t you like to play it?  Well until recently no one was working on it.  Even now people aren’t 100% sold.  At least I’m not.  But CCP’s Marketing puts a real exciting face on it.

CCP’s Management is not 100% sold on EvE themselves.  They need to diversify their product line.  If something goes wrong with EvE they are fucked.  So they need to diversify.  They need to work on EvE.  They need to manage their money.  All of these work against each other.

This brings us to the whipping boys.  The CR team.  With no power to influence eve development, and forced to present players with the line that CCP’s Management wants them to go with they get to be the messenger all the time.

As players this affects us in many ways, and few of them are very good for the game the way CCP has been run since 2009.  Players come in with high expectations, get a rush of game issues, some are great and some aren’t, get bored, and leave.  For players that stick around, content they love doesn’t get iterated on and as issues accumulate and/or are exploited frustration builds and even positive changes to other aspects takes on a negative tone as it isn’t work on “your” issue.  No amount of work on wormholes or incursions will make faction warfare partisans happy, they want FW changes.

Now the marketing team has a mandate to bring people into EvE, and make the game look good to people outside the community.  What looks best?  INTERNET SPACESHIPS DOING NEAT STUFF!  So we get trailers like Dominion with a huge fleet fight, Butterfly Effect and Causality, with their “you can influence a universe (with spaceships)” theme, Tyrannis with the “Combat draws you in” theme, and Apocrypha with ships approaching wormholes.  Even the Incarna trailer features incursions and no mention of walking in stations.  Only the Future Visions trailer doesn’t focus on spaceship combat.

So Marketing gets to build up expectations as much as they can.  Management is trying to diversify to keep themselves employed in the event EvE implodes, where does this leave the messengers?  Explaining why high expectations aren’t being met.  So the old crew lost credibility in the summer of rage, and now the new system will get different treatment.

I'm using it every time I can

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